Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga 2.0 For Sale UK

Where to buy in the UK? That’s the info everyone wants. Find out below. Another Adidas Yeezy drop is upon us. On Saturday, 25th November 2017 there will be a worldwide release taking place. This time its the Yeezy Boost 350 (SPLY-350) V2 Beluga 2.0. The UK is part of the release, and as a result, many well-know high street shops will be receiving some stock.… Read More..


Who Makes Onemix Sports Shoes

Onemix shoes have been around in the UK for quite a few years now. Not many people know when, or where they actually came from. They seem to have just arrived on the scene. The question people most want the answer to about these trainers is: Who Makes Onemix Sports Shoes? Find out below. I know that some pairs of Onemix look extremely similar to certain styles made by a very popular global sports brand.… Read More..


Clarks Artisan Janey Mae Beeswax Leather Shoes

Not to be confused with another very popular pair of women’s shoes by Clarks, the Janey June’s, Clarks Artisan Janey Mae (see the Beeswax Brown leather pair pictured below) are a beautifully crafted pair of shoes that look as though they have been made on a Native Indian reservation camp. Their design is something not really seen that often. As a result, they are very highly sought after by those who are aware of them.… Read More..


Women’s Nike Air Max Thea Print Training Shoes

The Thea Print are basically another slight variation of one of the most popular, classic pairs of Nike. Air Max. Through out the decades they have remained a firm favourite, and one of Nike’s best sellers. Simple but stylish design, and made to be thinner than Original examples of Nike Air Max, Women’s Thea Print make a great pair of trainers for everyday wear in the summer months, or for wearing to the gym.… Read More..


Black Rieker B1720 Leather Derby Shoes

You can’t go far wrong with a pair of Rieker. Especially with their Derby range. Smart in appearance, well made, and mostly sensibly priced. Black Rieker B1720’s are a versatile pair of Derby shoes. They are well suited for wearing to formal gatherings, but equally at home when being worn for work. Some people actually buy them to wear to school, but I think they are a little too nice for that!… Read More..

Children’s Santiro Flashing LED Velcro Trainers

Usually, when it comes to trainers with glow up soles, the majority are lace ups. You do get some that combine laces with a velcro strap, but not that many pairs that are completely velcro fastening. This pair by Santiro are great. Simple, clean, and effortless to put on or take off, they kind of remind me of a cheap pair of Adidas Stan Smiths.… Read More..