Cheap Adidas Space Diver Q33770 Green Hi Top Boots

If you go to the high street looking to buy a pair of Green suede Adidas Space Diver like these, if you do happen to find them for sale, you will be disappointed to discover that they will be priced a lot higher than what they are available to buy online for. Adidas Space Diver (Q33770) are a super retro, excellent quality pair of boots that really are awesome to look at.


Maybe it’s because my favourite colour is green. There are a lot of nice colour ways out there when it comes to the Space Diver, Blue, Orange, Grey, all really nice. But for the price the green, white and black really stand out as the best buy.



They are being sold at just £30. The uppers are a mix of suede and fabric, and the tongue is smooth leather. The Adidas wording and logos are featured through out and the sole is made from rubber, which almost appears to be vulcanized (Not confirmed).


Adidas Space Diver are perfect boots for completing an urban street wear clothing style. The thick ankle padding combined with the velcro ankle back strap really makes it easy to accomplish the look that is so popular right now with people wearing skinny jeans / bottoms with big boots. A really cool pair of trainers.

Sizing starts at an adults UK 6.5 and goes up to an 11.5. The price is the same for all sizes except the UK 7.5 (because the are only a few pairs left) which are £33. Still an absolute bargain price for these trainers. Be quick.

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Womens Fly London Tesk Leather Sandals

Great pair of high quality summer sandals from Fly London. Fly Tesk have a stylish upper design that slightly resembles the gladiator shoes of yesteryear. Fly Tesk Sandals have a soft leather upper and a wedge heel. The heel is just over an Inch and a half in height, and the sole is made from gum rubber.




The colours are beautiful, very rich and vivid. All the colours are nice but the Lime Green, Camel and Devil Red (all pictured) are extremely popular. It’s easy to see why. Fly Tesk are also available in Brown, Black, Dark Red, Off White, and Azure (Light Blue).




The high buckle ring is close to the correct diameter to not cause excessive rubbing and annoyance to the surrounding skin on the ankle. Some pairs of Fly sandals have a much bigger buckle, such as the Tute Rug and Tram Slingbacks, which in turn do get a few complaints about the buckle irritating the skin. With the buckle not really being an issue that’s not to say that the Fly Tesk don’t have a few complaints or minor niggles of their own.




Firstly, the sizing can feel a little restricted width wise. Not a problem for most, but those with wider feet should take this into consideration. The second minor complaint is the star-shaped Fly logo that’s been sewn onto the inner sole at the heel. Some wearers find it a bit uncomfortable because it’s not embedded into the innersole, it’s protruding on top.




But apart from a few minor niggles, which are present on most pairs of Fly London Sandals of the same style,  of which there are many of these similar styles out there, they are an excellent pair of fashionable sandals that will serve you well. Priced between £35 – £75 dependant on size and colour. Available in sizes UK 3 – UK 8.

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Grey Adidas B44549 Gazelle Boost Trainers

One of the best Adidas “Boost” colour ways. Grey with a Blue, Green and White trim. A few different types of Adidas Boost have come out in recent times. Among those are the Ultra Boost and the Cosmic Boost. Both are superb. This pair is the Gazelle Boost. And while the two pairs mentioned have a mostly Primeknit covered upper, The B44549, and also the B44544 Gazelle Boost have a flexible fabric upper which looks great and is very breathable.




The Gazelle Boost are still very similar to the other Boost models of Adidas. They share the sock like fit and the Boost cushioning sole system. They also have the Stretch Web covered sole and like the Cosmic Boost, they have the air pocket located in the middle of the sole that enables fresh air to enter the inside of the shoes directly to the under foot.




This is basically a hole straight through the bottom of the shoe. If you put the shoe up to the light you can actually see straight through the hole. So be aware because these trainers are so breathable that they are not recommended for wet weather!




Surprisingly, unlike the Ultra Boost and Cosmic Boost, the Gazelle Boost are quite cheap in price considering the amount of quality and foot specific engineering that’s gone into the shoes. Most pairs of the Ultra and Cosmic Boost start from around £80. These Gazelle Boost start from between £55 – £65, with the £60 being the price for most adult sizes. So, very cheap for what they are.




Another pair of Boost well worth a look, and again, fairly cheap in price are the M29493 Energy Boost (Pictured above). Priced between £65 – £75.

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Mens Blue Puma Fieldsprint NL Now Just £15

The deals just keep coming and keep getting cheaper! Not that I’m complaining. The stylish, soft soled Puma Fieldsprint NL make an excellent pair of running trainers if you are on a seriously tight budget. They also make a nice pair of cheap trainers to hang out in for the summer. Depending on what you wear them with, they have a slight retro, old skool look about them. Great value at only £15 delivered.




Puma have a lot of pairs available that are similar to the Fieldsprint, such as the Future Tech Racer, and the St Runner Icra. But the two pairs mentioned vary in price depending on size, where as the Fieldsprint are the same price no matter what adult size you buy.




These trainers are considered as Unisex but both pairs look a bit more like mens. The two colour ways are Peacoat (Dark Blue) with a white and red trim, and Grey with a white and orange trim (Both pictured).




Sizing is vast, ranging from a UK size 3 and going all the way up to a UK 13 with most half sizes in between. Who needs to wait around for Amazon Prime when trainers are this cheap to buy. £15 is a great bargain for a branded pair of trainers.

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Womens White Puma Sequence Trainers Under £15

A cheap second pair of trainers for the gym or everyday wear don’t come much cheaper than this. If you’re looking for a smart-looking pair of trainers that offer good breathability and are really well suited for the summer, for the price, Puma Sequence are well worth considering. They are available in white or black and are made from mostly Synthetic Leather and have an EverTrack sole.




The Price is the same for all sizes, which is just £13.50 with free delivery in the UK. Sizes start from a UK 3 and go up to a UK 8. Great, versatile pair of trainers that could be used as a cheap running shoe.  In fact, that’s what the Puma Sequence were designed for.  Branded trainers are getting cheaper to buy all the time.






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