Adidas Hard Court Block Old School Hi Tops Q21924

Old School Court Block Hi Tops for £40 is a really good bargain. The Q21924 are apparently a limited edition, but for a pair that are said to be a limited edition they sure are available to buy in many outlets online. But that doesn’t really matter, they are still a nice pair of multi-coloured Hi Top Adidas for a low price.




The good thing about Hard Court boots in general is that they are all around the same price no matter what colour or slight differences in design they may have. All the Hi Tops are popular for playing basketball in, skateboarding and everyday wear.




The Q21924 have a leather and suede upper with a blue and white sole. Another pair worth considering that are within the same price range are the bright orange and grey Hard Court Revelator M19994 pictured above (Limited sizes). Both cost around £40 so you get a lot of shoe for the money.

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Cheapest Priced But Quality Rockport Boots

So, what are the cheapest but still a high quality pair of Rockport Boots that you can buy online? That has to be the Rockport Treeline Hike Marangue Boots. These boots generally cost between £40 – £50 in adult sizes and really are made to a high standard. You may be able to find another pair of Rockport cheaper but the Marangue design, which is a lot like the old school XCS / Hydroshield boots is tried and tested and well-known for its toughness and longevity.




The Hike Marangue have full leather uppers, rubber sole and are also part of the XCS range. XCS stands for Extreme Conditions System and basically means they are equipped to handle tough outdoor weather and adventure. For the price they are great shoes. They are available in a very dark brown (Bitter Chocolate), which looks more like black in the pictures. Sizes start from a UK 7 and go up to a UK 11. Superb shoe for casual everyday wear. And great reviews also.




One thing you can always say about Rockport boots is that they are very hard-wearing and last a long time. This was the case even back in the day (early 1990’s) when the Rockport XCS boots were all the rage. At that time they were fairly new on the scene and considered as the trendiest shoes to own. However, at that time they were quite expensive to buy. Or maybe just expensive to me at that time being a young lad that wasn’t old enough to work. Rockport are funny shoes. Back when they first became popular, and even still today to a smaller extent, some social circles label them as “Chav wear”.




This mainly applies to the old school XCS style (very similar to these) and it is largely due to a small majority of people wearing them with the one thing that you shouldn’t wear them with if you don’t want to be labeled as a chav. And that is track suit bottoms! The chav label is more of a stereo type these days. Rockport have come such a long way over the past decade and now have so many different styles of shoes that its great to see that they have Rockport designs that cater for people from all social circles and all walks of life. Brogues, work boots, ankle boots, dress shoes and normal shoes. Not just for men, but also for women and children too.




The brogues are really nice. Of course, they are not on the Loake Brogue level in terms of quality and workmanship, but for the price they are great. Know about the Treeline Hike Marangue Boots and think they’re a bit too common. If you want something much different but still a pair of Rockport and within the same price range, check out the Rockport Edge Way Moc MID K72645 (Limited sizes).

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Brown Timberland Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

Most Timberland footwear is rather pricey. Sales can be found but in general they are quite expensive. But they are worth the money because Timberland produce excellent shoes that last many years and are very comfortable. With that said, it’s a nice surprise to find out that the high price tags for most Timberlands doesn’t really apply to their hiking boots. Even the Gore-Tex examples. Of course, some pairs are still expensive, but there are a lot of nice examples to choose between that fall within the £45 – £50 price range. This pair is one of them.




They’re not the best looking out of the bunch but they are cheap to buy, well made and comfortable. And they offer the all the benefits of being Gore-Tex, providing good protection from the elements. One of them being water resistance. Gore-Tex is great at keeping the wet weather where it belongs. Not seen one review about these boots that says they didn’t to their job in that regard. So they are fully waterproof.




The ankle is very supportive and nicely padded. The uppers are a mix of different contrasts of Nubuck leather. Only available in brown. They also have anti-fatigue technology which can help keep you on your feet for longer. The Timberland Hiker boots are a good boot for all things walking / hiking related, but some people also buy them for work (not suitable for jobs where steel toe cap is needed) and everyday wear. Sizing is a little on the small side so a half-size bigger should be considered. Sizes starts at UK 6.5 and goes up to UK 9.


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Timberland PO ZU 47558 Wallabee Shoes

Here we have another cheapy from Timberland. They are churning out some nice cheap shoes these days! Timberland PO ZU are a Wallabee style Shoe with a difference. A few actually. The stitching together of the suede upper to the outer sole has a lipped / protruding design going all the way around the shoe. They also have writing going around the side sole which reads: “What comes around goes around”.


These shoes are definitely something a bit different to a normal pair of Wallabee’s. Subtle little differences that make them a nice little bargain for the price. Some sellers have them for sale at quite a high price, but they are available here at just £30. And being made by Timberland they will be a good quality pair of shoes. The colour is beige / sand. They are available in sizes from UK 6.5 to UK11. Nice casual shoes.

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Women’s ECCO Biom G2 YAK Golf Shoes

The beautiful ECCO Biom G2 Golf shoes for women are so nice to look at. They have to be one of the nicest pairs of women’s golf shoes to come out in quite some time (Also available for men). If this was a competition for being the most attractive, the G2 would win most days of the week. However, in this game looks aren’t everything and a pretty face can only get you so far. It has to go much deeper than that. And thankfully, with ECCO, they usually do.




Being a spiked golf shoe (Zarma II Slim Locomotive), and now upgraded with a slimmer midsole, the Biom G2 are very stable and low profile. More streamlined in design and lower to the ground, the G2 are more like a super supportive, expensive slipper rather than a full blow golf “trainer”. By all accounts, the comfort level of the G2 is exceptional. The YAK Leather that’s used for the upper is soft, weatherproof and flexible. The G2 are considerably lighter in weight than the last edition.




Waterproof or not? As good as these golf shoes are, and they are a superb golf shoe, there are a few complaints regarding their ability to truly keep the wet weather out. The few complaints regarding this issue come mostly from the mens pairs.




Given the fact that when some buyers who complained to Ecco that there Biom Hybrids and G2’s were not waterproof and were actually offered waterproof sprays, it would appear that they are not 100% waterproof.




Although complaints regarding this issue are not widespread, and most buyers are very pleased with their purchase, it does seem strange how Ecco didn’t offer a refund or return to the people experiencing these problems with their shoes, but instead a waterproof spray which the buyer has to pay for.


Could it be a quality control issue that Ecco are aware of, or is it just that the shoes don’t hold up well in really wet conditions. If it’s a quality control issue its been going on for years so that seems unlikely. And reading ECCO descriptions for their Biom range it states the shoes offer good “weather protection”.




It never actually states they are 100% waterproof. So that’s something to be aware of. But lets not forget, for a lot of people the Ecco Biom range are considered as some of the best golf shoes ever made.



As mentioned before on this website. Due to their high price, Ecco golf shoes are not really for beginners or people in the novelty stage that are just curious about giving golf “A go”. Save your money and get something a lot cheaper in price but still very capable like the Puma Cat Spikeless, or the pretty Puma Organic Fusion Golf shoes. Looking for a spikeless Ecco golf shoe that has excellent reviews? Take a look at the BIOM Hybrid 2.

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