Some People Love Creepers Shoes And Some Dont

Creepers are another staple of the underground music scene, possessing the same classic punk credentials as Dr Martens. They started out as a desert boot in 1945 following World War II, British troops based in North Africa wore suede boots with a thick crepe sole because of the climate and environment of where they were based. When they returned from the war, these soldiers found their way through the seedy nightspots of London, and their crepe soled boots became known as brothel creepers.



They have been a classic component of rock & roll style since the 1950’s, originally worn by the teddy boys, they were then adopted into the rebellious aesthetic of 70’s punk style, and remain popular today among many different subcultures. The traditional T.U.K black suede ‘Mondo Lo’ creepers are characterised by their hard wearing 3cm thick ‘crepe’ sole, which adds a subversive edginess to the simple classic style of the shoe.




The ribbed rubber sole makes almost no sound on a hard floor, so you can ‘creep’ around. The shoe features suede uppers, the round toe has the classic interlaced woven design around the front, and they are laced through the traditional stainless steel D rings, creating an original shoe with plenty of edge. With such a strong history in music and fashion, it’s no surprise that creepers have been worn by some of the most rebellious and independent minded individuals – famous wearers include bands like The Clash and Green Day. They have been popularised by mainstream culture in recent years, with singers such as Rihanna and Rita Ora wearing them in an attempt to add a touch of individuality to their look.


There are a few brands that create the traditional creeper shoe, three of the main ones are T.U.K, Underground and Demonia. The leading brand are T.U.K, an American company creating the classic black creeper styles as well as a huge variation of styles, fabrics and colour ways, and also four sole variations – the Mondo Lo creepers with a 3cm sole – the classic version; Mondo Hi Creepers with a 4cm sole; ladies wedge creepers which feminise the chunky shoe; even a sneaker version without the thick crepe sole, perfect for those who like the design of Creepers, but not the thick sole.


The range of colours and styles are impressive, you can choose from traditional suede or leather Creepers in the classic colour ways like black, white and red, some designs even have a different coloured interlaced design through the front for a more striking shoe. They have many designs with typical punk patterns like tartan and leopard print, and some modernised Creepers with smiley face patterns and brightly coloured soles. Prices for the classic creepers are around £75, a small price to pay for the originality and the rich history of individuality and expression that Creepers represent, not to mention the hard wearing quality of the shoe.




If you want a pair of Creepers made in Britain, I suggest buying a pair from Underground. Some might say that the creeper is an ugly shoe, I would say that they’re more of an acquired taste, they’re a style popularised by underground music and worn by punks and individuals with an eclectic and rebellious nature, so they’re not going to appeal to everyone.


For a watered down, less ‘alternative’ version of the shoe I would recommend the Creeper sneakers, for a casual version of this traditional rock & roll look. With such a great history in music and fashion, it’s interesting to note that the Creeper is still as popular today as it was in the 1970’s, truly a testament to an original and creative design that appeals to the rebellious individuals among us.


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Cheapest Adult Adidas ZX850 Trainers

A great pair of Adidas ZX 850 trainers being sold at a very cheap price. They have been talked about many times on this website. The Adidas ZX series are available in so many colour combinations. This particular pair are being sold by Office Shoes and are on sale for just £40.


They are available in two colourways, first one is black, glowing green and light baby blue (Pictured below). A nice different colourway, but the true bargain here is the versatile off white / aluminium colour way (above) because they are true all rounders that go with so many styles of clothing. They make a great casual trainer for everyday wear.


Limited sizes are available, but right now UK 8, 9, 10, and 11 are still for sale. With the darker pair sizing starts at a UK 4 and goes all the way up to a UK 12.  Great bargain for £40.

  • Cheapest Adult Adidas ZX850 Trainers A great pair of Adidas ZX 850 trainers being sold at a very cheap price. They have been talked about many times on this website. The Adidas ZX series are available in so many colour combinations. This particular pair are being sold by Office Shoes and are on sale for just £40. They are available in ...
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  • White Adidas Superstar II Leather Trainers Clean white pair of Adidas Adidas Superstar II lace up trainers. Very neat and tidy in the classic white and black colour way. They are great for the summer and go well with so many styles of clothing. Adidas Superstar II have been around for decades and are one of the most popular pairs of ...
  • Adidas Roundhouse Mid 2 Grey Red Trainers Low Price The original Adidas Roundhouse had a higher ankle then these Roundhouse 2.0. Their roots were as a basketball boot but here they are re-made / upgraded slightly more toned down. They still make a good shoe for basketball and other athletic activities. They are available in this grey, black and red colourway and can also ...
  • Discount Adidas NEO Derby White Leather Trainers For those looking for a nice basic pair of Adidas at a discount price Adidas Neo Derby are just perfect. They are very plain, almost totally white. Great for casual everyday wear. The uppers are made of leather. They have great customer reviews, a lot of which consistently compliment the comfort and durability of these trainers. ...


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Cheaper Dr Martens Boots And Shoes Are For Sale

A British style staple, Dr Martens have been a firm favourite of subcultures and rebellious people since the 1970’s, renowned for their popularity amongst punks and skinheads. This has led to the brand becoming a symbol of individuality and quality footwear, perfect if you’re looking for shoes that are stylish and long lasting in todays world of throw away fashion. They are available in the famously classic boot style with 8 lace eyelets, you can also get them with 10 and 14 eyelets depending on the length of boot you like, they have the “Dr Martens Airwair” black and yellow tag on the back.


Another staple of the brand is the 3 eyelet shoe version (Pictured further down), which are a great alternative to the boots and resemble a typical smart shoe, but with a punk edge. The standard Dr Martens are made of a smooth, durable leather, but if that’s not your thing they now have a vegan collection (Pictured below) in the classic styles, made of synthetic materials but with the same hard wearing and long lasting quality that the brand is famous for. They have seen a revival in recent years, leading to a wide variety of styles, fabrics and designs becoming available, so you can surely find something to suit everyone’s unique taste!


The classic shoe and boot styles in black and ox blood are still as popular as ever, and they are constantly expanding their range to accommodate the growing interest in subcultures and the need for self expression through clothing; brightly coloured Dr Martens ensure you stand out from the crowd, floral prints which add a girly yet tough look to any outfit, velvet docs, metallic colours, even docs with a 3.5 inch heel! For an extra touch of uniqueness, they can be customised further by changing the laces, a wide range of different styles can be found on their website.




They recently created a sandals range for summer, and a trainer style made out of canvas for those who prefer a more casual shoe. They have also created a range for babies and children, from size 0 upwards; I think a little black pair would make perfect school shoes, offering a cost effective, long lasting and comfortable shoe for your little rascals. Here are the cute baby Dr Martens pictured below.


The classic design features an air-cushioned “bouncing” sole, making them an incredibly comfortable shoe for day to day wear. They also bear a stamp saying they are resistant to oil, fat, acid petrol and alkali, which adds to their worldwide reputation as a durable, well-crafted product. The distinctive yellow stitching around the sole makes every design and colour way of the shoe stand out, they really are a classic shoe that everyone should have in their wardrobe.




They differ in price ranging from £40 for the casual, sneaker version; £70 for the classic shoes and £70 and upwards for the boots. They also have a ‘For Life’ collection made from hardlife leather, which are more expensive at £165 but they come with a lifetime guarantee meaning they can be replaced or repaired for life. Unfortunately, Dr Martens only produce a limited quantity of their shoes in England, choosing to outsource the more elaborate footwear to either China or Thailand. The authentic Made In England DM’s, also known as their Vintage Collection are mainly the classic styles and are made from a harder wearing leather.



Prices start from a hefty £165 all the way up to £320, worth it if you like to stay true to the brand. They’re pricey, but this hard wearing durability and comfort doesn’t come cheap, I suggest taking a look on eBay for used or vintage docs for a cheaper price, and for that lived in, vintage look. Buying new docs means the shoes need a breaking in period, the hard leather will need time to soften up, and allow the perfect fit, but once this is done they will last for years! Perfect for the upcoming autumn and winter, you can just throw a pair on for effortless British style and comfort. They aren’t cheap but if you’re looking for quality footwear, and you’re tired of poorly made, throw away fashion, Dr Martens are the perfect solution. They are made to last, literally for many years. So it’s money well spent.


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Cheap Lee Cooper Black Leather Slip On Shoes

A cost effective solution to the more expensive “back to school” formal style shoes. These Loafer type slip ons are more then just a back to school shoe. They are a good versatile pair of shoes that are smart enough to also be worn for special occasions if your on a tight budget. Good thing about this particular pair is that for the same price as the junior sizes, (£15) they stray into the smaller adult sizes, going up to a UK 6.5 for the same price, just £15. If you’re into bargains (who isn’t) then you’ll love these.


Does the cheap price tag mean they are inferior quality. Quite the opposite. For the price they are very hard to beat. The uppers are made from leather and the sole is flexible and soft, but hard wearing. They are slip-ons, so very convenient and easy to live with. They have elasticated tongue sides which make getting the shoes on and off a nice simple task

If buying for school these shoes will easily last a whole school term, and in most cases will still be in fairly good condition. The customer reviews are excellent and accurately reflect just how good value for money these shoes are. Lee Cooper shoes are often overlooked for the more expensive, well known brands. But do your research and you will notice the trend that most pairs of Lee Cooper shoes are rated just as highly as the more expensive pairs of the same style from the more “main stream” trusted brands. And a lot of the time  Lee Coopers are about a third of the price. Sold by Sports Direct.

  • Cheap Lee Cooper Black Leather Slip On Shoes A cost effective solution to the more expensive “back to school” formal style shoes. These Loafer type slip ons are more then just a back to school shoe. They are a good versatile pair of shoes that are smart enough to also be worn for special occasions if your on a tight budget. Good thing ...
  • Cheapest Black Leather Velcro School Shoes £10 An excellent pair of black shoes that are perfect for back to school, and are very affordable at just £10 in kids sizes UK 13 – UK 5 junior.  See more pictures or buy them here. They look quite similar to a pair of Kickers, but at just £10 they are less then a quarter ...
  • Womens Birkenstock Papillio Pisa Floral Sandals Really nice pair of Birkenstock Papillio “Pisa” Sandals. Perfect footwear for the warm weather. Sandals offer some of the best breathability available. The Birkenstock Papillio design, with their floral pattern design go really well with most summer clothing. They have an EVA sole, which is soft but hard wearing, and a soft, flexible Cork footbed. ...
  • Blue Lacoste Fairlead FRX Trainer Sale Very smart pair of Lacoste Fairlead FRX SPM trainers finished in a dark blue leather upper. They have a red stripe going down the side, accompanied by the Lacoste Crocodile on the side. Lacoste trainers are very versatile and go well with sportswear and casual clothing like straight cut Chinos and jeans. Not forgetting shorts ...
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Buy Skribbies Draw On Shoes For Boys And Girls

Have you got a creative little munchkin that scribbles on everything you hold dear.. Well, I might have just found you the perfect solution. Get them to scribble on their own stuff. Skribbies allow just that. The little shoes that are totally customisable. With Skribbies your kid can literally draw anything they want all over them, then they can just rub it off and start again! Skribbies Customisable shoes are a great way to keep kids entertained. They can make their own designs everyday.


Yes they are a lot of fun, but they are also beneficial for developing kids creative pathways. Rather then just scribbling randomness on paper or plastic the kid in question is actually designing something. Which can be daily, or hourly! Much more thought and care will go into the drawing after a while. They’ll want the shoes to look nice, after all, there the ones wearing them out!. Because there are an infinite number of designs, totally dependent on the wearers creativity and mood, the potential for total individuality with these shoes is huge.


This is a great way to keep or get kids creative. Skribbies come equipped with 6 different coloured magic pens, a wristband, and lots of fun little stickers. The wristband is used to wipe the shoes clean in order to start from new.  Other the being a lot of fun, Skribbies are also pretty well made, sporting a durable sole to upper stitching design that goes all the way around the shoe ensuring that they won’t fall apart after a few weeks of wear. They have a Velcro top strap with fixed elasticated laces.


There are a few colours of Skribbies available (all pictured). You have the Pink for the girls, Blue for boys, and a Yellow pair are also available, which could be classed as unisex. It would be nice if Skribbies could expand the line at some point in the future and bring out a few more unisex colour combinations like red and green. I guess that will come in time as Skribbies grow in popularity.


So far Skribbies have excellent customer reviews. Kids love them, and if the kids are happy then so are the parents. One customer review that springs to mind was from a woman who bought a pair each for her niece and nephew and said that they now send her cute little pictures of the designs they have drawn on them. Very sweet.


With more and more people hearing about Skribbies, and then wanting to buy a pair for their child, they are expected to be a big seller this Christmas. So buy early (especially if the child has expressed an interest and is expecting a pair as a present) to avoid disappointment. They make a nice present because I doubt the child has ever had a pair of trainers as unique as this before. Skribbies are available in sizes starting from infant UK size 10 (Euro 28) and go up to a junior UK size 3 (Euro 34).


This cool invention isn’t new. There are quite a few different customisable shoes like this available worldwide. Some have close to the exact features of Skribbies, where as others either have the draw and wipe option or the stickers. Adidas Grafeeteez had stickers that could be stuck on. And Nike, Adidas, and various other top footwear brands offer a design your own style service.

However, once designed, although totally unique, they can’t be changed. So for children the Skribbies are the way to go. Keep things fun. Skribbies have become quite popular fairly quickly due to their appearance on the Dragons Den TV program, where they did secure an investment from two Dragon investors. So expect big things to come in the future from Skribbies. At the moment, the price for Skribbies is £39.99 regardless of where you buy them from.


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