Women’s Fly London Kani Summer Sandals

If you’re looking for a pair of Sandals to wear this summer that are well made, comfortable and have a look of quality about them you need look no further than the Fly London brand. The brand actually carry the Fly insect as their logo. You can see it on the side of the Fly Kani pictured below.




They have some really nice Sandals on sale. Of course, it’s a personal preference to what pair you choose but some pairs are more highly praised than others. The Fly Keil, Fly Tram, Bron, Oily T-Bar, and this pair, The Fly Kani, consistently receive the best reviews from buyers.




The uppers are made with a soft leather and they have stitching that goes all the way round the lip of the shoe. And they have an adjustable buckle and the trademark Fly insect logo on the side. As with a lot of Fly Sandals, Kani have a very high heel for a sandal. It’s a wedge that’s made from gum rubber.




The overall design gives them a look from a side view that resembles an enhanced version of the old Japanese wooden Sandals (Geta), although these Fly Kani are much more luxurious to wear!.




They are available in sizes from UK 3 to UK 8 and come in Camel Brown, White, Off White, Red, Black and Schwarz. Cost: £60 – £70. Great for the summer.  Not your cup of tea? Or looking for something cheaper. Check out this pair of Papillio Pisa floral pattern sandals by Birkenstock which have a cork footbed and a nice relaxed design.

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Blue Nike Air Max 90 652980-401 Trainers

First off, Happy Air Max Day! Yes, Air Max are so popular that they even have their own day (March 26th)..I just made this post in time!.Or a few minutes late. Apologies. Anyway, to celebrate Nike have released a new pair of trainers, Nike Air Max Zero (Pictured below), which was an original design drawn by Air Max 1 designer Tinker Hatfield that goes all the way back to the eighties. Looking for the Air Max 90 652980-401? See further below.


Hatfield also designed many other pairs of Nike, most consisting of numerous versions of Nike Air Jordans. Nike Air Max Zero will be in very high demand. Your best bet is probably eBay but expect a lot of competition on the bidding, with prices expected to reach anywhere from £200 – £500 a pair.



If you’re not in the mood to spend a weeks wages on a pair of trainers check out what this post was originally for, the superb full leather Nike Air Max 90 pictured here below. They are a mix of different shades of blue with a grey and white trim. Nice clean colour way.




As always with genuine Air Max, they are excellent quality and really well cushioned, making them extremely comfortable to wear. Oh yeah, and there really cool trainers too.  Available in sizes UK 6.5 up to a UK 11 with most half sizes in between available. Priced from £90 – £115.


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Cheap Timberland Crystal Mountain Boots

We still have a way to go before the warmer days hit the UK with some regularity. And how long will it last when it’s here.. That’s why these Timberland Crystal Mountain boots are well worth considering. However, due to the cheap price, even if the summer started tomorrow these boots are still worth snapping up and stashing away for when the Autumn and Winter comes back. These are on sale for £50 – £55, and yes, we are talking about the tall boots pictured below. Usually it’s the smaller versions (the mid-calf boot) that cost around £50. The taller Crystal Mountain are often much more expensive so this is a real bargain.




So what do you get for your money? Timberland Crystal Mountain are waterproof, so they are not only good for the winter snow, but also good for rainy days which we are going to be getting a lot of with the April showers fast approaching. The uppers are a mix of leather and a tightly woven nylon, and their comfort level is praised highly by the majority of reviewers. The non-fatigue innersole which is lined with Smartwool probably plays a big part in why they are so comfortable.




Be warned, if you are considering wearing these boots on warm days, they are lined with a thick layer of fleece so they are very warm. Almost a third of the fleece lining is made from recycled materials, which is common and commendable for a big company like Timberland, as they always try to do their bit for the environment while providing superior quality footwear. Whether that be a part-recycled lining or a part-recycled shoe sole (Green Rubber) etc.

And that is all through the range, Women’s, Mens and Children’s footwear. At this price these boots are selling out fast and limited sizes are available. They come in two colours (both pictured). Excellent boots for the price. Timberland footwear is superior quality and mostly always exceeds expectations.


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White Navy Adidas ZX Comp Trainers

If you like both the Adidas L.A and the Adidas ZX and your having a hard time making up your mind on which pair to buy,  you can now have the best of both in the same pair of trainers with these Adidas ZX Comp! They are a mix of the L.A and the ZX series. Adidas have done a great job with these trainers.


They are excellent quality for the cheap price tag. (Around £40) The uppers are a mix of suede, leather, synthetic materials and fabric. There are many colour ways available including black, and various combinations of white mixed with other colours.



And while their overall look resembles the ZX more than anything else, they have the Peg sole system from the Adidas L.A. The Pegs can be changed if you want a particular colour combination. But they can be quite stubborn to get out and replace.

You can buy the Pegs from certain outlets or you could use an old set of Pegs if you have an old pair of Adidas L.A sitting there not being used. Some people take the Pegs out altogether and leave the holes blank in order to create a more spongy feel when walking and running.


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Kids Puma Icra Shades Velcro Trainers

Children’s Puma Icra in a sharp but subtle grey, white and orange / peach unisex colour way. The Icra “Shades” have a cool faded out design starting at the side and ending in a different colour, usually a lighter shade, at the back. See the pictures below. The uppers are a mix of suede and fabric. They are velcro fastening so there’s no laces to worry about.




They are also available in a blue colour way (Peacoat), which is more for the boys and widely available online. The grey pair pictured are certainly the rarer and more desired example out of the two. And they have the added bonus of being suitable for boys and girls.




From a price point they are reasonable, costing from £25 – £35. They start at an Infants UK size 4 and go up to a small Junior UK size 2.5. Puma Icra Shades are also available for Adults but with laces. It would be nice to see more pairs of Adult Puma also come with velcro fastening as it is quite stylish and convenient. It’s not just for kids!


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