Karrimor Hot Rock Weathertite Waterproof Hiking Boots

Good looking, waterproof, and cheap to buy. No Cyber Monday or Black Friday is needed, they’re cheap enough anyway. Some people dislike them, most love them. For the cheap price the Karrimor Hot Rock Weathertite Boots make a good alternative to the more expensive hiking boots from some of the other brands that people on a tight budget sometimes find it hard to afford. In some cases people just don’t want to spend too much money on a pair of Hiking boots, which is perfectly understandable if they are not going to be wearing them much.

Mens Karrimor Hot Rock Boots


For both situations the Hot Rock Weathertite are a good choice. They have a Dynagrip sole (exclusive to Karrimor), which offers good grip on wet surfaces. The uppers are well padded and made of suede + other materials. The Weathertite construction makes them weatherproof. There are also separate pairs of Hot Rock Boots for men and women. Looking for the women’s pair? Click here.


They look more expensive than what they really are, and by most accounts perform just as well as some of the more expensive boots made for walking and hiking. Of course, with most boots, regardless of brand and price, there are mostly always some bad reviews. And these Karrimor are no different.

Women’s Karrimor Hot Rock


A few reports of poor quality materials being used, particularly the sole. And also a few regarding the metal lace attachments not being secure enough, and on occasion, one popping off. Other than these complaints, which are few and far between, most have good things to say about the shoes. With any brand, even some of the excellent Merrell Hiking boots that cost a lot of money, you will find a few reviews where people basically say the same thing as a few say about the Hot Rock regarding the quality of the product.

But the majority of reviewers are impressed. It could well be quality control issues at various buying times that causes a few bad reviews that are quality related on a lot of different shoes. So it just depends on which pair, timing, and how much money you want to risk spending. However, your chances on getting a pair with no issues is extremely high.

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Fur Lined Spiderman Crocs Great Christmas Gift

These novelty (Official Marvel) Spiderman Crocs make an excellent kids Christmas gift. Of course, most kids love Spiderman so the design alone makes them stand out. There are lots of pairs of kids Crocs with different theme designs like Lightning McQueen, Dinosaur PS, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars and even the superb Robo Shark Crocs with built-in LED lights. But the Spiderman Crocs make a better buy for the winter and Xmas time because they are lined with fur.




The fur isn’t real, but still gives them a much more luxurious feel to wear compared to the normal Crocs. Nice and warm, so great for indoors and outdoors. The design at the front of Spiderman Crocs has areas that illuminate when light becomes limited. And as with most products that have this feature you can put them close to a light source for a few seconds and make them illuminate brighter when put into unlit environments.




They are available in Blue with Red, and full Red with a Blue back strap. Sizing starts at Child size 6 and goes up to a Junior UK 3. A great little pair of shoes for a Spiderman fan! Looking for the normal design Baya Lined Crocs for boys and girls – Click here.

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Women’s ASICS Gel-Impression 8 Black Friday Deal

These ASICS Gel-Impression 8 are part of the Black Friday Discounts on Amazon UK so they are being sold quite cheap. Don’t like the Impression 8?, check out the new deal coming up for the Asics GT-2000 3 trainers, which have just been added to the discount list. Whilst the Impression 8 are not the most highly engineered Asics out there they do make an excellent purchase for someone who wants a quality pair of running shoes made by Asics at close to half the retail price.




Due to their basic build and styling, they make a good introduction to the Asics brand in general and are a popular choice for first timers. ASICS Gel-Impression 8 have a Gel cushioning system concealed in the heel and an AHAR outsole, which is very tough and doesn’t wear down quickly. The rest of the sole (mid sole) is EVA. The uppers are made of mesh and synthetic materials. A choice of two colour ways: Black with Orange (Coral), and Purple and Plum (Both pictured).




Most sizes are available, including half sizes. And a big majority of the purple / plum pairs are just £36, which is a really good bargain. Don’t miss out on this great Black Friday Deal. The fit is considered as average and will suit women / girls with normal sized feet. Women with really wide feet should avoid buying this pair.


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Dr. Marten’s Steel Toe Cap Black Work Boots

Wanted to wear a pair of classic, boot style Dr. Marten’s to work but had safety concerns about the lack of a steel toe? Well, now you’ve got the best of everything with these Dr. Marten’s Icon Holkham St seven eyelet work boots that hide a 200 Joules steel toe cap under their hood. There are quite a few other black work boots made by Dr. Marten’s that look like, well, work boots.




But if you want a pair that are donning the original DM’s styling it has to be this pair. They look like a big, sturdy, aggressive pair of boots that will last you many years out there in the tough and demanding roles where steel toe cap boots are so important and essential for foot protection. 200 Joules of toe protection is sufficient for jobs like construction, warehouse etc that require steel toe cap boots.




However, on this website we tell it how it is, and while these boots are definitely safe for work purposes, there are questions about how long they will last. With a lot of the production moving overseas Dr.Martens have lost some of their quality. From the leather used cracking badly and wearing out far too quick, to the soles wearing down prematurely, and even cracking down the middle. Perhaps the use of a leather protector and softener like Wonder Balsam could help keep the leather in good shape for a while longer.




But overall, the quality of the shoes in general has taken a real hit over the past few years. They are still nice shoes with a lot of style, but they take a lot of patience in terms of wearing them in (the leather is solid like plastic), and due to the drop in quality, having the bankroll and brand loyalty to spend what is a quite a lot of money each year for a new pair.The AirWair with Bouncing Soles gets a bit old when they are falling apart before your eyes after a few months.

If you’re looking for steel toe cap boots that are going to give you a better bang for your buck, or save you some money, take a look at the super cheap Blackrock SF08, mid priced Dickies Antrim, or the super tough and sturdy DeWALT Titanium Steel toe capped boots.


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Little Girls Puma Ikaz 357694 Lace Up Hi Boots

Everything about these little girls Puma Ikaz 357694/02 Basket Lace Up Hi Boots is super high quality. They are stated as girls boots, but the neutral colour ways of black, black noir, and dark grey/ slate, make these trainers suitable for both girls and boys.




Just make sure to get the size right and your good to go. As mentioned, the quality of these boots really is superb. They feature a fastening system consisting of laces and a velcro (hook and loop) strap at the top. The uppers are a mix of leather and suede, but they also have a side detail which looks similar to crazy paving. Very stylish.




They have double and triple stitching on most potentially vulnerable locations. All things considered, they make an excellent purchase for the price. Perfect for keeping children’s feet warm in the cold weather whilst remaining trendy at the same time. These would make a really nice gift. Available in childs sizes UK 3 to UK 8. Price: £25 – £30.


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