Cheap Adidas Galaxy Elite Trainers

There are some great, cheaply priced Adidas doing the rounds right now. The Galaxy Elite and the Galactic Elite are the two pairs that stand out the most. You can buy either pair of these trainers, in adult sizes, for between £20 – £30. Both make an excellent pair of all-round trainers. Great as a cheap pair of running shoes, or for wearing to the gym, but equally as good for everyday wear.


The price point makes them an affordable addition to most people’s trainer selection. Back in the day, like early 2000 and before, you would have a hard time finding a pair of Adidas trainers for such a cheap price.  A lot of the time, with around Twenty Pounds to spend you would most probably have to settle for a pair of no-names! So it’s great that we can now get branded trainers for those types of low prices. Check out the women’s pair pictured below.


Adidas Galaxy Elite are an honest pair of basic Adidas trainers that offer people who, whether short of cash or just trying to save some money, the chance to have a nice pair of trainers that won’t be laughed at, like some no-names can be. There’s nothing wrong with certain pairs of no-names, but why settle for them when you can have a branded pair of trainers for not far off the same price.


And that also goes for other brands too. Asics Patriot, which have also recently been talked about on this website can be bought for within the £20 zone. Same goes for certain pairs of Puma also. Galaxy Elite are lightweight and very breathable, featuring a mesh like textile fabric upper, adiWEAR outsole and adiPRENE+ at the forefoot. Well worth the money and great for the summer. Available in adult sizes starting from a UK 6 and going up to a UK 12.


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Cheapest Adult Asics Patriot 7 Trainers £22

The Patriot models of Asics are one of the cheapest pairs of Asics in terms of price. It goes without saying really that they are not the best pair of Asics on the market in terms of being drenched in the best Asics technology like GEL, Fluidaxis, and memory foam etc.


But they do still have some good features incorporated into the shoes, such as a part AHAR outsole (In key areas), which is basically an enhanced rubber material that is very tough and durable. They also have a mid Trusstic system within the sole that adds extra durability and overall foot stability to the shoes.

Asics Patriot 7 are also very light. They make a good running shoe if your on a seriously tight budget. However, because they are so cheap they are mostly bought by people wanting a comfortable, lightweight pair of trainers for everyday wear. For the price this is one of the best deals around.




They blow away a lot of the competition that falls within the same price range. £22 for a pair of Asics is an absolute bargain. These trainers are available in sizes from UK 6 to a UK 13 and all sizes are the same price. Patriot 6 are also available at the same price (Second picture above).


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Nike Air Huarache Platinum Triple White Trainers

So, you have the triple black Huarache, now say hello to the whitest and brightest out of all the Huarache’s, The Platinum Triple Whites! They are super white and super bright. Very summerish. The triple whites are not new on the scene or just released but just haven’t been featured on this site. They are mostly all white except the few locations, including the back strap, that are Platinum (Basically silver).

Nike Air Huarache-Triple-White-Mens-Trainers

They are not cheap but they have become one of the most sought after pairs of trainers over the last few years. They are very stylish, and when considering all the years they have been around, still fairly unique in terms of their appearance. The sock like fit also makes them super comfortable to wear.


These trainers do have an air unit concealed in the heel, which is why they have “Air” embossed on the back heel. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but worth mentioning as some people think that all Huarache’s are Nike Air Huarache’s but that just isn’t the case. Some don’t have an air unit in the sole. If they don’t say AIR on the back then they are without the air unit.

These trainers look great when worn with shorts or with bottoms that go tight at the ankle so the trainers are fully exposed. Great trainers if you can afford a pair. This pair is available in sizes starting from a UK 6 going up to a UK 13 with lots of half sizes also up for grabs. Price: £120+.

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Womens Fly London Tram Sandals

The Fly Tram Slingback sandals are a delightful little pair of sandals to look at. They are quite minimalistic, so great for the summer. And due to how many different colours they are available in there seems to be a colour made for just about everyone. The uppers are made from leather and the sole is gum rubber. The heel height is just over an inch and a half. They look like a good quality sandal, but for the price they should be. And for the most part they are good quality. However, Fly London sandals do have fairly mixed reviews and this pair are no different.



A few issues to be aware of. The leather used to make the uppers has been reported by quite a few customers to stretch considerably over time. Some women have reported stretching over as little as a two-week time period after purchasing. This stretching can lead to the sandals becoming too loose to actually wear, and some women resort to making extra holes in the Slingback in order to make them tight enough to still be able to wear without them slipping off.




Comfort issues are also reported, stemming mainly from the circular front buckle rubbing and irritating the foot from it being large enough to be in constant contact with the skin. The sizing also seems to be a bit on the large side. This is mainly a width issue with this particular pair of Fly sandals. A size smaller than what you usually wear should be considered.




Fly Tram are not without some bad reviews, but it should be noted that the positive reviews do heavily outweigh the bad ones. Most women are happy with these sandals, so don’t let the bad reviews put you off totally if your dead set on buying these sandals. Order a pair and give them a try.




You might be one of the many happy customers. If not you can always return them if you’re not happy. Another pair of Fly sandals worth considering that have a slightly higher heel and a square buckle at the front rather than a big round one are the Fly Oarol sandals.

They are not available in as many colours as the Tram but they are certainly a nice pair of sandals well worth considering. Or, if you don’t mind wearing a more foot concealed upper design try a pair of the superb Fly Kani.


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Granite Green Air Max 90 Essential Trainers

The classic Nike Air Max 90 Essential, this time in the fresh Granite, Black and Green colour way. The green really sets them off. However, one thing to be aware of with these trainers in this colour way is that the green is not as bright in real life as it appears to be in the pictures. It’s more pale. Still, a nice colour combination.




There are literally hundreds of different colour ways to choose from when it comes to Air Max 90. New colours are found every few weeks, which can sometimes make it a little harder to come to a decision on what pair to take the plunge on and actually buy. If you’re looking for a sturdy classic trainer with heaps of street cred, good looks and versatility, Air Max 90 are well worth considering. Also available here are the Black and Blue (537384 041) colour way (pictured below).




The sizing availability is impressive. They start at an adult UK 6 and go all the way up to a UK size 14. Also with many half sizes in between for sale. They cost between £80 – £180. Genuine Air Max are never cheap but they are a quality pair of trainers. A half-size bigger is advisable due to them being rather compact.


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