Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Boots

Converse has been a trusted footwear brand for decades. They have a great range of footwear with many many different designs and colours.  are mainly for the younger or youngish generation. However, you still see many stylish middle aged people wearing these in the summer with a pair of shorts, skirts or jeans.

Make no mistake about it these are great trainers but they are very seasonal.… Read More..


Mens Adidas Hog Boxing Boots

If your someone that’s getting into boxing and are finding that you are sparring on a regular basis you may want to invest in a good pair of boxing boots. You can always just spar in normal trainers and do just fine, however, the extra ankle support offered by a high boot specifically designed for boxing sparring / fighting will give you far better overall leg support and ankle stability.… Read More..


Karrimor Summit Waterproof Shoes

Most hard wearing Karrimor Summit are Waterproof, tough, breathable, and have a multi-directional sole for excellent grip on most surfaces. Karrimor Summit, and most pairs of Karrimor in general have fast become the choice of footwear for many people due to their low price, durability, and because they are so versatile.


People are buying Karrimor footwear not just for hiking but now more commonly for general everyday wear, and also for work purposes.… Read More..


Adidas Boat CC Lace Shoes

Adidas Boat CC were specifically designed with slippery surfaces in mind. These innovative shoes are great for all outdoor activity’s, particularly ones that might involve water. Many people use Adidas Boat CC for running because of their supreme grip and breath-ability. In fact, they are so breathable that they even have holes going through the sole for the ultimate water drainage experience!… Read More..

Childrens Kickers Lego Edition Boots

Little Kicker boots with a difference. Kickers have been around since the 1970’s and have gone from strength to strength. Kickers have designed many different styles over the years, some styles have been very raw and edgy, while others have been very pretty and beautiful. All of the really cool Kicker shoe styles are limited editions so it’s wise to buy them while you can as they won’t be around for long.… Read More..


Puma Speed Cat Trainers

Puma is my favourite sports brand when it comes to trainers. All the pairs of Puma I have bought over the years have been great and very long lasting. Puma Speed Cat are really nice trainers that are extremely comfortable, but one thing I have noticed over other Puma trainers is Puma Speed Cat are not as long lasting as other Puma Trainers.… Read More..