Nike Oldham Trainers

When it comes to a suitable and stylish pair of trainers for the warmer months Nike Oldham fit the bill. They are cheap to buy, easy to clean being made from mostly leather, and there very trendy. What more could you ask for. However, there are a few negative aspects to buying a pair of Nike Oldham, especially if you buy a pair for the colder months.… Read More..

Cheap Vans Shoes For Sale UK

Vans are great shoes. All pairs are very well made, trendy, and look good with most styles of clothing. Whilst they were first popular within the skater community they are now widely worn by a huge range of people from every type of social group. They are very sought after and very versatile, so to meet with the demand, there are a lot of different styles available.… Read More..


Best Shoe Protector Spray

One of the reasons for using a protective shoe spray could be so you can wear your not so suitable canvas or suede trainers and shoes in cold and wet conditions and keep them free from water penetration and staining. Other uses can be to protect leather shoes and trainers from the elements so they last longer, and also look newer for a longer duration of time.… Read More..


Cat Vero CL Casual Trainers

Caterpillar Cat Vero are a really nice pair of stylish casual trainers suitable for everyday wear. Saying that, they can also be used for hiking and other extreme outdoor activities. The colour combination is brown and beige with a light blue Caterpillar logo embedded twice on the side. They generally go well with most relaxed styles of clothing that people like to wear on a daily basis like shorts, cords, trousers and jeans.… Read More..


Adidas Adi-Power PowerLifting Shoes

The Adi-Power weight training shoes are very similar to the other Adidas shoes that have been made for weightlifting, the Power Perfect range. Which are also reviewed here on this website. In fact, they are so similar that in terms of which are better for weightlifting, they are very evenly matched. Both are heavy duty, specifically engineered for weight lifting. They each have the Velcro strap for added stability and both are reinforced with Polymer to provide a solid structure and supreme support when under extreme pressure.… Read More..


Ecco Biom Waterproof Golf Shoes

The new colors of the Ecco golf street collection for 2013 are some of the best combinations we have seen so far from Ecco. Including the sharp, stylish green and white pair pictured below. The bottom grips are green and the upper sports a sleek and smart white design. Keeping true to the brand, they add a color punch with the rounded green shoe laces, and they calm it all down with a nice touch of gray.… Read More..


Merrell Sprint Blast Trainers

Despite the name, Merrell Sprint Blast Trainers were not really designed for sprinting or running. This particular style of Merrell were designed mainly for casual, everyday wear. That’s what most people buy them for anyway. Although they can be used for sprinting, running, and other outdoor pursuits, there are many other trainers on the market much better suited for those activity’s.… Read More..