Merrell Chameleon Wrap Slam Shoes

Do you enjoy outdoor activities and sports? Then you need the right kind of footwear that delivers maximum toughness and durability. Merrell produces a range of shoes that combines style and functionality that anyone with an active lifestyle will come to appreciate. Merrell Chameleon Wrap Slam shoes have been built to last. From jogging to hiking, these wrap slam shoes will keep you on your feet. … Read More..


Hiking Shoe Replacement Laces

At some point in there life your hiking shoes or work boots might need their laces replacing. These laces offered by TZ Trading (See the selection here) are not only excellent quality but are also available in many different colours, size lengths, and patterns. They are suitable for Hiking shoes and boots, everyday walking footwear, and also work boots.… Read More..

Merrell Proterra Hiking Shoes

If your looking for an exceptionally high quality walking and hiking shoe that is not only extremely comfortable but can also handle any sort of terrain you may want to throw at them, Merrell’s Pro Terra range are well worth considering. These shoes were made for walking!




They were made specifically for the rough and tumble of the great outdoors and are suitable for almost all extreme activities.… Read More..


Mens Merrell Jungle Moc Shoes

Finding shoes with an adequate balance of support, foot arch design, ergonomics, and style can be quite overwhelming. The market today is generally filled up with shoes which put aesthetics over function and even go so far as to omitting comfort all in all. Mens Merrell Jungle Moc Shoes are a delightful exception to the surplus of uncomfortable and impractical footwear the market is flooded with.… Read More..

Adidas Campus II Grey Trainers

Vintage style Adidas Campus II trainers in quite possibly the best colour combination, Grey and White. Very well known in the eighties amongst the hip-hop and Break Dancing community’s, and mostly worn with tracksuit bottoms open zipped at the ankle. Since the eighties they have never really gone out of style and are still very popular today. But in today’s times they reach a much larger audience of people from a diverse range of social circles.… Read More..


Adidas Samba Retro Golf Trainers

Golf Shoes don’t come any cooler then this. They are basically a pair of old school retro Adidas Samba Originals but with a few slight differences that make them suitable and fully compatible for the golf course. First off they are waterproof and made from a super high quality grain of leather and suede. Second, they have a 6 spike THINTECHTM sole which ensures an excellent grip and great balance when on the golf course.… Read More..


Mens Cheap Canvas Shoes

If you are looking for a cheap pair of canvas lace up shoes to wear through out the summer months and don’t want to spend much more then a fiver, these canvas shoes are definitely for you. And actually, for the price they are not too bad at all. There are many pairs of cheaply priced canvas shoes out there that are much poorer quality and are even more expensive to buy.… Read More..