Womens Puma Canvas Trainers

These Puma canvas trainers are definitely a step above most other canvas shoes in and around the same price range. For around the same price as these Puma canvas trainers most of the other choices of canvas shoes are basically unbranded. Some are made to a high standard for the price, but none are really of the same high quality as the top branded pairs of canvas shoes like these Puma.… Read More..


Puma Cabana Old Skool Trainers

There are many different colour combinations of Puma Cabana out there but this rustic Orange and Brown pair really do capture that Old Skool look better then the rest. Puma Cabana’s closest relation in terms of looking the same is the Puma Lab range, but Puma Lab are made using a Suede and Textile mix for the uppers, where as Cabana use the true Old Skool mix of Suede with Classic Nylon.… Read More..


Kids Kickers Kick Hi Boots

Not many brands of children’s shoes are more trusted then Kickers. You know when buying a pair of Kickers for your child that you are buying a top quality shoe that will last a long time. You get what you pay for is the old saying and no where is that more true then here. Kickers do cost that little bit more money then most other kids boots on the market but there’s none that we know of that can match the quality and long lasting durability as a pair of Kickers.… Read More..


Womens Nike Air Match Sale

These trainers were made as a running shoe, and for that purpose they perform well. However, a lot of women buy them for everyday wear during the summer months due to them being very comfortable to wear, and also quite thinly made material wise. So they make a great trainer to wear in the hot summer months. They go well with most styles of relaxed clothing.… Read More..


Reebok Reverse Jam Boots

A true pair of old skool Reebok Reverse Jam basketball boots which use the Hexalite support technology that was so popular all those years ago. This particular pair are bright yellow with a pink trim which certainly makes them stand out from the crowd. They scream of early nineties and look very retro these days with a pair of shorts.


Reebok Reverse Jam shot to fame in 1992 because of the film – White Men Can’t Jump, where they used for promotional purposes.… Read More..


Karrimor Hot Rock Cheap Shoes

If you are looking for comfort, supreme durability, and a shockingly low price tag, Karrimor Hot Rock are the absolute best choice. These are quite possibly the best shoes for hiking, walking, numerous other, more extreme outdoor pursuits, and also everyday wear that you will find anywhere for the price. They look like mini mountain boots. Featuring a fully waterproof upper and a thick, deeply grooved sole to ensure a good grip on even the most rugged of terrains.… Read More..

Adidas Puremotion Golf Trainers

Adidas Puremotion are quite new on the scene, so there’s not many reviews that can provide an in-depth, long term look at how they perform and wear over a longer period of time. However, with what reviews there are most are positive. With Puremotion being made by Adidas it’s safe to say that there shouldn’t be any quality related issues as Adidas Golf Trainers are all made from high quality materials.… Read More..