Adidas Tapper Evolution Sneakers Trainers

Adidas Tapper Evolution are well made, very stylish, and go well with lots of different styles of clothing. This particular pair, white mixed with brown definitely stand out amongst the rest. The most common color Adidas Tapper come in is Black and White so this pair are a little harder to come by. And a bit more desirable.

Adidas Tapper are considered a Skate shoe but they are widely bought by non skaters for everyday wear because they are a great pair of sneakers sold at a reasonable price.… Read More..


Timberland Black Asphalt Trail Leather Childrens Boots

For most people Timberland isn’t the first brand they think of when looking for children’s school shoes. People tend to go for Kickers, Clarks, Pod or Hush Puppies. But make no mistake about it, Timberland shoes and boots are right up there with the top brands. They easily match the top brands in terms of comfort, quality, and value for money.… Read More..

Cheap Kickers Shoes Back To School

Excellent quality Kickers, perfect for back to school. They are totally Black, except for the Kickers sign which is located near the ankle heel and comes in the usual Red and Green for each different shoe. They also benefit from a hard wearing sole and a nice thick Velcro strap.


Kickers Leather For School


These particular Kickers have been lowered in price and are available in sizes UK 13 Junior right up to UK Size 5.… Read More..

Kids Kickers Leather School Shoes

Great pair of Black Kickers for back to school. Kickers Lo Vel J Core shoes are perfect if your looking for a pair of shoes that are trendy, have no laces to fiddle around with, and will last a long time. Researching for a nice but cheaply priced pair of back to school shoes brought up some surprising results.

We searched for Pod, Timberland, and Kickers.… Read More..


Kids Crocs Lego Edition Sale

Crocs Lego Edition are a great addition to the Crocs footwear range. Kids love these shoes because they are colourful and designed using pieces of Lego. Every child knows what Lego is.  So with this incorporated into the footwear itself kids are just drawn to them. When they see a pair they want them, and nothing you say will make them change their mind!… Read More..


DC Court Graffik Skate Shoes Black

DC Court Graffik are great, super sturdy shoes. The uppers are very thick and well made. Being the classic skater shoe they are wide fitting, very comfortable, and have a nice thick sole. The ankle support is also very padded and sustantial. Buy a pair or try a pair on and you will feel the difference compared to many other shoes in terms of sheer quality for the price.… Read More..


Skechers Shape Ups Trainers

Skechers Shape Ups are without doubt one of the very best deals when it comes to price and value for money. What other top footwear brand can you think of that is selling a high quality pair of trainers for under £**. There really isn’t many. Skechers Shape Ups are generally bought by women who want comfortable trainers for walking and running.… Read More..