Skechers Twinkle Toes Light Up Shoes

These are some of the best shoes for a little girl. What little girl want’s a normal pair of shoes when she can have a pair of Skechers Twinkle Toes for around the same price! Skechers Light Ups do exactly that. They have built in lights, yes real lights, that flash with every step the wearer takes. They not only have real lights but also glitter, making them stand out even more.… Read More..


Karrimor K2 Sandals Sale

These are sandals, Karrimor style. They are actually more sturdy and hard-wearing then a lot of trainers. They look like a normal pair of heavy-duty trainers. But being a sandal the breathability is much better then wearing a normal shoe or trainer that fully encloses the foot. They have a quick fastening toggle tie and Velcro strap for a fast and secure fit. … Read More..


Childrens Converse All Star Trainers

Great quality children’s Chuck Taylor Converse that are perfect for the Autumn being made from a high grade Canvas that is very tighly woven together. The toe cap has an extra high rubber guard ensuring that there’s no stretching or ripping of the Canvas. This is a great feature because this is something that happens on many Canvas trainers that don’t have an extra layer of protection.… Read More..


Merrell Rant Brogue Trainers

Merrell Rant are a much more lighter and easy wearing pair of Merrell for everyday wear. They are not as thick as many of the other, more heavy duty pairs of Merrell. A less bulky Merrell shoe is what a lot of people are looking for when it comes to wearing shoes that they can relax and hang out in.



Merrell Rant Brogue, although much more simplistic to their hiking capable big brothers, they are still made by using the hard wearing materials and great quality workmanship that Merrell are so well known for.… Read More..


Adidas Gazelle OG Trainers Sale

The words Adidas Gazelle OG and sale don’t often come in the same sentence. Specially if you take out the less desirable colours. These trainers are so popular and so in demand that they are almost always sold at full price. You may be able to find a pair that have been “Worn Once” on eBay, but if you watch the auction to see the final price they almost always sell for close to the full price anyway.… Read More..


Cheap Lee Cooper Kids School Shoes

If you are looking for a cheap but stylish pair of school shoes that won’t break the bank, these Lee Cooper Velcro shoes should fit the bill. For a very cheap price + delivered for free these shoes are a great bargain and perfectly suited for school wear being totally black. They also have a chunky sole and good quality stitching.… Read More..


Adidas Samba Grey Yellow Trainers

Check out these classic Adidas Samba trainers. This is a fairly rare and unusual colour combination. They look superb in grey with yellow Adidas stripes. They also have yellow at the ankle and the innersole. The uppers are suede and the sole is made from synthetic materials.  So many pairs of Adidas Samba are either White, Black, or Blue.


This pair definitely stand out from the crowd and will no doubt get the wearer many comments and admiring looks from friends and curious individuals while out and about.… Read More..