Cat Caterpillar JED Casual Shoes

More comfortable shoes from Caterpillar. Caterpillar JED a quite similar to another pair of casual Caterpillar Shoes, CAT Vero SL. However, Caterpillar JED have a thicker sole and are available in darker colours that most suite the Autumn and Winter seasons, such as Smoke and Braun. They are made of leather and suede. CAT JED have the the CAT logo on a little label located at the side of the ankle.… Read More..


Adidas ZX750 Blue Suede Trainers

The Adidas ZX series of trainers are one of the more elusive pairs of Adidas to pick up in your desired colour or size. And if you do happen to find the pair you want they are usually quite expensive costing between £65 – £115. It’s easy to see why they are so hard to obtain. The Adidas ZX series of trainers are some of most well made, colourful, and comfortable Adidas trainers to come through in quite some time.… Read More..


Brown Boxfresh Aidos Leather Boots

Boxfresh have been working really hard bringing out new ranges and new designs. This not only applys to footwear but also to other lines like clothing and bags. Boxfresh Aidos Boots are one of the many pairs of footwear now available. Stylish but simple, they are made from Leather and are designed with a very high cut boot. It covers the whole ankle easily.… Read More..


Red High Heel Shoes Low Price

Womens Red high heel shoes that compliment smart elegant clothing really well. Perfect for long dresses, and short ones too if that’s what you prefer. These high heels are excellent quality for the price. They have a 3 ½” heel and are made from synthetic materials. These high heels not only come in Red, but in every other colour you could imagine.… Read More..


Timberland Earthkeeper Adventure 2

With a fairly high price tag for some people, Timberland Earthkeeper Adventure 2 Chukka Boots are not the cheapest boots to buy if your looking to save some money. However, if your looking to spend a bit more in order to a get top quality product, these boots are definitely what your looking for. For the price, what you get is an exceptionally well made and superior quality pair of boots that are more then worthy of their price tag.… Read More..