Nike Alphaballer Low Trainers Low Price

Nike Alphaballer are a great pair of trainers for everyday wear. They are one of the more hard-wearing pairs of Nike. Some pairs that look fairly similar, like Nike Oldham, are quite deceiving. They look good in the online pictures but when you have a pair in your hands, and on your feet for that matter you can clearly see they are not very hard-wearing, and actually quite thin and flimsy all round.… Read More..


Adidas Forum Remo 80s Boots

As if the design of these Forum Remo Adidas boots wasn’t 80’s enough, the color way makes them even more so. Adidas Forum Hi Tops are available in quite a few colors, including Black (Same price £39.99). All pairs look superb. These are true original basketball boots from the 1980’s and make a great addition to most casual and retro clothing.… Read More..


Adidas Samba Maroon And Yellow Trainers

Adidas Samba with a Maroon and Yellow colour way look super retro. They look like they have come straight out of the 1970’s! They have a high back heel and the uppers are made of suede. The laces are even Maroon in color which makes the trainers nicely color coded and adds more vintage appeal.


Definitely one of the most retro looking color combinations for Adidas Samba.… Read More..


Babys Toddlers Nike Air Jordan Trainers

It can be quite hard to find genuine Nike Air Jordans being sold in the UK. Specially in kids / Toddlers sizes. That’s why these little boots are a great find. They are really well made. The uppers of the boots are leather and they have a marble like pattern trim around the heel and front. These trainers are now mostly sold out everywhere in the smaller infant sizes, but if you’re looking for them in childs sizes UK 10, 11.5,  or 12.5 Click Here.… Read More..


Nike Air Yeezy II Red October Trainers

Nike Air Yeezy II Red October are one of the most ugly pairs of trainers to hit the shoe market for quite a few years. They have a big ugly strap going straight across the front. The “Red October’s” have just been released and are just as horrible as all the other pairs of Nike Yeezy.In fact, they are even worse.… Read More..


Nike MAG Back To The Future Shoes

These boots, although a few years old now, should be posted on this site. Better late then never! Nike MAG are one of the most futuristic pairs of shoes currently on the market. How many pairs of shoes do you know of that have their very own USB connection. There are a few pairs of shoes on the market that do feature an MP3 player and certain other built-in devices, but none are as high quality or as prestigious as the Nike MAGs.… Read More..


Childrens Timberland Chukka Boots

Great pair of kids Timberland boots which are made to last. They feature a nice big Timberland logo on the side, and the rubber sole is thick and strong. Perfect for active little kids. These boots are quite special, they not only have a front lace up design but also have a clever zip up design on the side. See the picture below.… Read More..