Cheap Caterpillar Dimen Work Safety Boots

Step away from the surface where boots like the super popular Caterpillar Colorado and Caterpillar Holton reside, and you will find that there are other pairs of Caterpillar boots that are cheaper, just as hard wearing and functional, and in some cases actually look better. In my opinion Caterpillar Dimen are one of those pairs. They are a great pair of work boots for the money.… Read More..


Adidas Originals Tobacco Trainers

Lots of people right now are clambering over each other trying to buy a pair of Adidas Hamburg’s. They are sold out in most places but can still be found in various colours and sizes on eBay. If you don’t want to join the buying frenzy there are a few other pairs of Adidas trainers that are very similar to Adidas Hamburg in almost every way, one of them is Adidas Tobacco.… Read More..


Kids Puma S Evolution Velcro Trainers

Great pair of kids Puma S Evolution trainers that are listed as unisex because a dedicated pair for both boys and girls are available. We have the blue pair (Monaco Blue) with grey for the boys (pictured) , and the pink (Paradise Pink) with yellow for the girls. They are velcro fastening so they are easy for kids to live with, with no laces coming undone to worry about.… Read More..


Dark Blue and Yellow Adidas Gazelle 2 Trainers

Very smart pair of Adidas Gazelle II in dark blue and yellow. The light and dark colour combination works really well. Absolutely perfect for casual wear like jeans and chinos. The upper is made of suede and the sole is synthetic. The sole is one of Adidas’ generic, non branded ones, which is one small negative for the Samba II. It’s not too much of a big deal but it adds to the overall quality of a shoe if the sole is either branded or unique in some way.… Read More..