Cheaper Dr Martens Boots And Shoes Are For Sale

A British style staple, Dr Martens have been a firm favourite of subcultures and rebellious people since the 1970’s, renowned for their popularity amongst punks and skinheads. This has led to the brand becoming a symbol of individuality and quality footwear, perfect if you’re looking for shoes that are stylish and long lasting in todays world of throw away fashion. They are available in the famously classic boot style with 8 lace eyelets, you can also get them with 10 and 14 eyelets depending on the length of boot you like, they have the “Dr Martens Airwair” black and yellow tag on the back.… Read More..


Cheap Lee Cooper Black Leather Slip On Shoes

A cost effective solution to the more expensive “back to school” formal style shoes. These Loafer type slip ons are more than just a back to school shoe. They are a good versatile pair of shoes that are smart enough to also be worn for special occasions if you’re on a tight budget. Good thing about this particular pair is that for the same price as the junior sizes, they stray into the smaller adult sizes, going up to a UK 6.5 for the same price.… Read More..


Buy Skribbies Draw On Shoes For Boys And Girls

Have you got a creative little munchkin that scribbles on everything you hold dear.. Well, I might have just found you the perfect solution. Get them to scribble on their own stuff. Skribbies allow just that. The little shoes that are totally customisable. With Skribbies your kid can literally draw anything they want all over them, then they can just rub it off and start again!… Read More..


Nike Metro Infants Toddlers Trainers

Nice little pair of Infants / Toddlers Nike Metro trainers with velcro fastening and a clean white, grey and blue colour combination. The uppers are a mixture of Leather and textiles.  From certain angles Nike Metro look a little like Nike Waffle Racer but with velcro straps.


They are available in toddler sizes UK 4 and 5. There are a few pairs of each size left.… Read More..


Clarks Funny Dream Shoes UK Size 6 Various Colours

With the most common shoe sizes for women being 4, 5 and 6, they are usually the first sizes to sell out with most of the popular shoes and trainers. Clarks Funny Dream shoes, also known to some as Clarks Nature Trek or Clarks Polyveldt, are the same. In the best colours and common sizes it’s hard to find Clarks Funny Dream shoes in certain, sought after colours.… Read More..


Cheap Boxfresh Ackroyd White Summer Trainers

If you’re looking for a nice alternative to Converse or Vans that are really well suited for the summer these cheap Boxfresh Ackroyd are a good choice. They are available in darker colours but the white or grey pairs, being lighter in colour, are well suited for the summer. They are good quality compared to a lot of other Boxfresh, particularly the boots, because most are quite flimsy and have a slim sole.… Read More..


Cheapest Pair Of Merrell Yokota Trainers £30

You want a cheap pair of Merrell Trainers? How does £20 – £30 sound. I know what your thinking, that’s for the kids sizes. No, actually with this particular Merrell discount shoe find the bigger foot you’ve got the better. So if you are a mens UK 11, UK 12, even UK 13 Merrell Yokota are just £30 with free delivery!… Read More..