Cheap Adidas ZX 630 Grey Luminous Yellow Trainers

Adidas ZX 630 in White, Grey and Luminous yellow are quite dazzling in appearance, so they are probably not for people who like to blend into a crowd and not be noticed. For those that like a bit of brightness on their feet they are a great pair of trainers. Being the ZX 630 they are not as beefed up as the ZX 750’s, and they do have a slight retro look to them.… Read More..


Some People Love Creepers Shoes And Some Dont

Creepers are another staple of the underground music scene, possessing the same classic punk credentials as Dr Martens. They started out as a desert boot in 1945 following World War II, British troops based in North Africa wore suede boots with a thick crepe sole because of the climate and environment of where they were based. When they returned from the war, these soldiers found their way through the seedy nightspots of London, and their crepe soled boots became known as brothel creepers.… Read More..


Cheapest Adult Adidas ZX850 Trainers

A great pair of Adidas ZX 850 trainers being sold at a very cheap price. They have been talked about many times on this website. The Adidas ZX series are available in so many colour combinations. This particular pair are being sold by Office Shoes and are on sale for just £40.


They are available in two colourways, first one is black, glowing green and light baby blue (Pictured below).… Read More..