Adidas Adi Racer Goodyear Low Trainers

Adidas Adi Racer Goodyear Low are an extremely durable pair of trainers that are suitable for many different sporting activitys. The “Goodyear” sole is actually made from Goodyear tyres so it lasts a very long time and provide a really good grip on smooth surfaces. They are really good all rounders. Very versatile. Great as a comfortable pair of trainers for everyday wear, or equally as good at withstanding the test of being pushed to their limits.… Read More..


Womens Reebok Princess Black Trainers

Reebok Princess are from that old skool early 90’s era, where we seen the introduction of many other pairs of trainers that have made a huge comeback today. Trainers like Adidas Torsion, Nike Air Huarache, Puma Disc, Reebok Pump, and many more. Classic Reebok Princess are a favourite shoe for lots of women. They are very versatile and can be worn for work, for gym training, running, and remain very popular as an everyday wear shoe.… Read More..


Womens Reebok Easytone Traintone Gym Trainers

Reebok Easytone trainers are Reeboks attempt at making a range of footwear that is said to work and tone certain parts of the wearers lower body more effectively then normal trainers. In that sense they are quite similar to Skechers Shape Ups. However, that’s where all similarities end. Reebok Easytone are a much more attractive pair of trainers in every way possible.… Read More..


Adidas Originals Hi Tops Trainer Sale List

There are some very impressive pairs of Adidas Hi Tops hitting the shelves right now in the UK. And after a fairly quiet period where they were just under the radar for a lot of people, they are now making a massive comeback, as with most things that are considered old skool or retro these days. Retro footwear is on fire.… Read More..


Adidas Originals Campus Vulc Trainer Sale

Adidas Originals Campus Vulc (G99775) in a bright sand and blue colour way have just been put on sale with free delivery. If you’re looking for a really nice pair of Adidas trainers in a not too common colour way for a seriously low price then this is a great deal.


The uppers are made from suede with a leather trim, and they have a thick vulcanized sole.… Read More..


Limited Edition Adidas Ardwick Trainers For Sale

Only Two Hundred pairs of Limited Edition Green Suede Adidas Ardwick Trainers were made available for sale at Oi Polloi in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Sunday. There were 500 pairs made in total. The hype around these trainers has been crazy. People were queuing up all night and all day hoping to bag a pair Adidas Ardwick to take home. Funny enough, most pairs seem to have ended up for sale on eBay.… Read More..


Timberland Earthkeepers Mount Hope Winter Boots

Super comfortable fur-lined (faux fur) winter boots by Timberland. These Timberland Earthkeepers Mount Hope snow boots are perfect if you’re looking for a high quality, high cut boot that offers supreme comfort and ankle support. They are made with a fully waterproof leather upper ensuring that your feet are kept dry and warm when braving the wet and snowy weather conditions.… Read More..