Women’s Fly London Kani Summer Sandals

If you’re looking for a pair of Sandals to wear this summer that are well made, comfortable and have a look of quality about them you need look no further than the Fly London brand. The brand actually carry the Fly insect as their logo. You can see it on the side of the Fly Kani pictured below.




They have some really nice Sandals on sale.… Read More..


Blue Nike Air Max 90 652980-401 Trainers

First off, Happy Air Max Day! Yes, Air Max are so popular that they even have their own day (March 26th)..I just made this post in time!.Or a few minutes late. Apologies. Anyway, to celebrate Nike have released a new pair of trainers, Nike Air Max Zero (Pictured below), which was an original design drawn by Air Max 1 designer Tinker Hatfield that goes all the way back to the eighties.… Read More..


Cheap Timberland Crystal Mountain Boots

We still have a way to go before the warmer days hit the UK with some regularity. And how long will it last when it’s here.. That’s why these Timberland Crystal Mountain boots are well worth considering. However, due to the cheap price, even if the summer started tomorrow these boots are still worth snapping up and stashing away for when the Autumn and Winter comes back.… Read More..


White Navy Adidas ZX Comp Trainers

If you like both the Adidas L.A and the Adidas ZX and your having a hard time making up your mind on which pair to buy,  you can now have the best of both in the same pair of trainers with these Adidas ZX Comp! They are a mix of the L.A and the ZX series. Adidas have done a great job with these trainers.… Read More..


Kids Puma Icra Shades Velcro Trainers

Children’s Puma Icra in a sharp but subtle grey, white and orange / peach unisex colour way. The Icra Shades pictured below have a cool faded out design starting at the side and ending in a different colour, usually a lighter shade, at the back. See the pictures below. The uppers are a mix of suede and fabric. They are velcro fastening so there’s no laces to worry about.… Read More..


Skechers Grand Jams Unlimited Boots

There are so many winter boots from many different brands to choose from. Do you go all out and buy the more expensive pairs like the Timberland or Merrell boots. Or do you spend half the money and buy a pair within the lower price bracket, like these Skechers Grand Jams Unlimited. The choice is yours, and it really depends on how much you want to spend and what conditions you will generally be using the boots for.… Read More..


Puma Future Disc Blaze Web Lite Trainers

Here we have another Puma Disc remake, with a few differences, of the early nineties retro classic Puma Disc trainers. They have always been very popular. Puma Disc trainers are well known for being comfortable to wear. And in that respect, in some ways the Future Disc are very similar to another trainer that has made a huge comeback in recent years.… Read More..