Grey Suede Adidas Spezial Gum Sole Trainers

Adidas Spezial trainers are special trainers. They are at the cross roads as far a price is concerned. Adidas “Handball” Spezial are situated nicely in-between the cheaper priced Adidas and the much more expensive pairs of Adidas. They are one of the best choices as they look superb, have tons of style, and won’t break the bank. There also quite hard-wearing and look good with so many clothing styles, casual or sporty.… Read More..


Caterpillar CAT Alec Boat Shoes For Very Cheap

All prices are subject to change at any time. If you’re looking for a cheap pair of boat styled casual shoes that are from a great brand that consistently delivers on quality footwear then read no further. It’s not necessary. Go and buy yourself a pair of CAT Alec Boat Shoes for the cheapest price before they are all gone. Well, it’s also a small amount for delivery, but in all you are paying a fraction of the price for a pair of CAT Alec delivered, which is an excellent deal that shouldn’t be missed.… Read More..


Retro Red Reebok Classic Rayen M42726 Trainers

Doing the rounds on the bargain table this week are the Reebok Classic Rayen M42726 Trainers. In Cherry Red! They have an air of low profile retro-ness about them that kind of sets them apart from the other cheap Reebok Classics currently on sale, such as the white Reebok Badge (V60243) (Very cheap), and the blue Classic Jogger (V55493) trainers .… Read More..


Adidas B34373 Climachill Cosmic Boost Primeknit Trainers

Are words even needed when it comes to the Climachill Cosmic Boost.. These trainers not only look superb, they also have everything required to be considered as one of the best pairs of summer trainers available. Yes they are a running shoe, but for the running side of things it would be wise to go for the Ultra Boost instead. The Climachill Cosmic Boost are far too good-looking and unique to be running in.… Read More..


Amazon Clarks Coupon Code For Adult Sandals June 2015

Save 20% on selected pairs Clarks Sandals on Amazon UK. This is for both mens and women’s Clarks sandals. There is a fairly big list of sandals eligible for the discount. Just use coupon code: SUMMER06 when checking out. Click here to go straight to the pages where the lists of Sandals that are available for the discount are for sale.… Read More..


Mens CAT Caterpillar Abilene Shoes

What a superb pair of shoes. CAT Shoes are reliable, tough, sturdy, and most pairs look great. Caterpillar Abilene do not disappoint on any level. And from a price point they are also excellent value for money. They have a gum rubber sole and come in various colours. The Black and the Brown pairs have leather uppers that have a suede panel at the heel and on the tongue.… Read More..