Original Reebok Classic Leather Trainers In Black

These trainers remind some people who happen to be old enough to remember them in their (the trainers) heyday of one era. And that’s the 1990’s. Reebok Classics (all clolours) were so popular at that time. And for good reason. They have a very simple design, are very comfortable, and last a long time. Although nowadays they are not as popular as they were in the 90’s they are still sought after by the old skoolers and newbies alike.… Read More..


Cheap Adidas Space Diver Q33770 Green Hi Top Boots

If you go to the high street looking to buy a pair of Green suede Adidas Space Diver like these, if you do happen to find them for sale, you will be disappointed to discover that they will be priced a lot higher than what they are available to buy online for. Adidas Space Diver (Q33770) are a super retro, excellent quality pair of boots that really are awesome to look at.… Read More..


Womens Fly London Tesk Leather Sandals

Great pair of high quality summer sandals from Fly London. Fly Tesk have a stylish upper design that slightly resembles the gladiator shoes of yesteryear. Fly Tesk Sandals have a soft leather upper and a wedge heel. The heel is just over an Inch and a half in height, and the sole is made from gum rubber.




The colours are beautiful, very rich and vivid.… Read More..


Grey Adidas B44549 Gazelle Boost Trainers

One of the best Adidas “Boost” colour ways. Grey with a Blue, Green and White trim. A few different types of Adidas Boost have come out in recent times. Among those are the Ultra Boost and the Cosmic Boost. Both are superb. This pair is the Gazelle Boost. And while the two pairs mentioned have a mostly Primeknit covered upper, The B44549, and also the B44544 Gazelle Boost have a flexible fabric upper which looks great and is very breathable.… Read More..


Mens Blue Puma Fieldsprint NL Now Super Low In Price

All prices are subject to change at any time. The deals just keep coming and keep getting cheaper! Not that I’m complaining. The stylish, soft soled Puma Fieldsprint NL make an excellent pair of running trainers if you are on a seriously tight budget. They also make a nice pair of cheap trainers to hang out in for the summer. Depending on what you wear them with, they have a slight retro, old skool look about them.… Read More..


Womens White Puma Sequence Trainers Under £15

A cheap second pair of trainers for the gym or everyday wear don’t come much cheaper than this. If you’re looking for a smart-looking pair of trainers that offer good breathability and are really well suited for the summer, for the price, Puma Sequence are well worth considering. They are available in white or black and are made from mostly Synthetic Leather and have an EverTrack sole.… Read More..


Crocs Crocband Low Profile Adults Flip Flops

Perfect for the warm weather and also ideal for taking on holiday. These low profile Unisex Crocs Flip Flops are possibly one of the best choices out of all other Crocs Flip Flop offerings. But then again, there are so many pairs of Crocs Flip Flops / Slippers out there, so it really depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want a more thicker, substantial pair with a thick sole, or are you after a more minimalistic pair.… Read More..