Retro Nike Air Flight 705005 Huarache Boots

Everyone and their grandmothers are wearing the normal trainer Huarache’s right now. So it’s nice to see that there are some boot versions of Nike Huarache currently on sale in the UK. Better still, the pairs that are for sale have some nice retro (1990’s) colour ways in their collections. The two versions I’m talking about are the Nike Flight (No Air) Huarache 705281 Boots, and the ones pictured on this page, the Nike Air Flight 705005 Huarache Boots.… Read More..


Ladies Camel Active Pandora Leather Boots

Lovely pair of boots from the Camel Active range. Camel Active Pandora are a knee-high boot that feature a stylish design consisting of an overlapping leather upper and wool cuff. This is prevalent on lots of boots from the Camel Active range. Being made from wool it will do a good job of keeping the heat in. On the Pandora this wool cuff comes in either multi-colour or black, as it does for most Camel Active Boots.… Read More..


Amsterdam Shoe Company Shoe Sale List

The Amsterdam Shoe Co. make some really nice shoes. Go to their website and you will see that they aren’t exactly cheap to buy. They are not super expensive but do originally cost from £50 – £80. This makes the small shoe list below very special. And hopefully, when you see the price of each pair of these shoes, you will be able to find a pair that you like in order to take advantage of the massive savings.… Read More..


Green and Orange Adidas Originals Samba Super Trainers

Check out this beautiful green (Fairway green) and Orange (Sunshine Yellow – Looks more orange) Adidas Samba Super colour way. Coming to you in the original retro Adidas Samba design with the big tongue. They are not the rarest colour way but still make a nice change to most of the other more common colour ways out there for sale. See below.… Read More..


Womens Fly London Seti Rug Leather Boots

Fly London have a great range of diverse footwear, from sandals to boots. Fly London Seti Rug are a Biker style boot. There are a few pairs of Fly London that are fairly similar in appearance. One pair that stands out, but are a little more sturdy and rugged in their design are the Fly London Myso Boots. Myso have a three buckle design rather than the two on the Seti Rug.… Read More..


Womens Timberland Nellie Waterproof Pull-On Boots

The cold winter nights are no competition for the Timberland Nellie when it comes to keeping feet snug and dry. They were made by Timberland to withstand wet weather, and by all accounts they adhere to that promise very well. They are an excellent, chunky style leather boot that not only provide great protection from the elements but also look fashionable in doing so.… Read More..

Rare Vintage-Beige-Adidas-Riviera-Originals-For-Sale

Rare Vintage Beige Adidas Riviera Originals For Sale

This is a pair of Adidas that you will not see come up for sale very often. An original pair of true vintage Adidas Riviera Originals from the 70’s. They are extremely rare. The only people who now own them in this condition are collectors. The only hope you have of snagging a pair is if the collector loses interest in collecting or becomes short of cash and needs raise some funds.… Read More..