New Look Cyber Monday Massive Sale 40% Off

There is a massive sale taking place with lots of items from New Look on Amazon. Jeans, Crop Trousers, Shirts, Jumpers, Jackets, Coats. And of course, Footwear! There are lots of different styles of women’s shoes and boots on sale, and most have an impressive 40% off.

Click here to go to the list of shoes (including clothing) where the 40% off discount applies to all items.
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Buying Loake Shoes By Mail Order Online

Like most high quality footwear, Loake shoes are available to buy online via mail order. Many outlets that operate on the high street also sell Loake shoes on their websites online. Even the official Loake website is basically a store where you can buy almost any one of their shoe designs. Although from the official site you will be paying full price most of the time, and because they are not cheap potential buyers usually prefer to have a search around in order to try to save some money.… Read More..


Limited Edition Adidas Space Diver New York Knicks

There are many cool pairs of Adidas Space Diver Hi-Tops out there. The New York Knicks (D66103) limited edition models (Pictured below) are for sale here and there in small quantities but sell out really fast.



The Chicago Bulls design is more obtainable in the various versions of Adidas Hard Court and ZX990, but even those can be hard to get in certain sizes.… Read More..


Clarks Midford GTX Black Leather Gore-Tex Shoes

The best of both worlds. Subtly fashionable and simple, solid, durable, and fully waterproof. A very sensible choice for this time of year. Clarks Midford GTX are a basic style, salt of the Earth type shoe that is suitable for so many social settings, from casual wear to working environments, and everything else in between. This classic style of leather shoe has withstood the test of time and continues to reign supreme in the ever-growing marketplace of new and unusual shoe designs hitting the stores weekly.… Read More..


Karrimor Hot Rock Weathertite Waterproof Hiking Boots

Good looking, waterproof, and cheap to buy. No Cyber Monday or Black Friday is needed, they’re cheap enough anyway. Some people dislike them, most love them. For the cheap price the Karrimor Hot Rock Weathertite Boots make a good alternative to the more expensive hiking boots from some of the other brands that people on a tight budget sometimes find it hard to afford.… Read More..


Fur Lined Spiderman Crocs Great Christmas Gift

These novelty (Official Marvel) Spiderman Crocs make an excellent kids Christmas gift. Of course, most kids love Spiderman so the design alone makes them stand out. There are lots of pairs of kids Crocs with different theme designs like Lightning McQueen, Dinosaur PS, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars and even the superb Robo Shark Crocs with built-in LED lights. But the Spiderman Crocs make a better buy for the winter and Xmas time because they are lined with fur.… Read More..


Women’s ASICS Gel-Impression 8 Black Friday Deal

These ASICS Gel-Impression 8 are part of the Black Friday Discounts on Amazon UK so they are being sold quite cheap. Don’t like the Impression 8?, check out the new deal coming up for the Asics GT-2000 3 trainers, which have just been added to the discount list. Whilst the Impression 8 are not the most highly engineered Asics out there they do make an excellent purchase for someone who wants a quality pair of running shoes made by Asics at close to half the retail price.… Read More..