Cheapest Priced But Quality Rockport Boots

So, what are the cheapest but still a high quality pair of Rockport Boots that you can buy online? That has to be the Rockport Treeline Hike Marangue Boots. These boots generally cost between £40 – £50 in adult sizes and really are made to a high standard. You may be able to find another pair of Rockport cheaper but the Marangue design, which is a lot like the old school XCS / Hydroshield boots is tried and tested and well-known for its toughness and longevity.… Read More..


Brown Timberland Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

Most Timberland footwear is rather pricey. Sales can be found but in general they are quite expensive. But they are worth the money because Timberland produce excellent shoes that last many years and are very comfortable. With that said, it’s a nice surprise to find out that the high price tags for most Timberlands doesn’t really apply to their hiking boots.… Read More..


Timberland PO ZU 47558 Wallabee Shoes

Here we have another cheapy from Timberland. They are churning out some nice cheap shoes these days! Timberland PO ZU are a Wallabee style Shoe with a difference. A few actually. The stitching together of the suede upper to the outer sole has a lipped / protruding design going all the way around the shoe. They also have writing going around the side sole which reads: “What comes around goes around”.… Read More..


Women’s ECCO Biom G2 YAK Golf Shoes

The beautiful ECCO Biom G2 Golf shoes for women are so nice to look at. They have to be one of the nicest pairs of women’s golf trainers to come out in quite some time (Also available for men). If this was a competition for being the most attractive, the G2 would win most days of the week. However, in this game looks aren’t everything and a pretty face can only get you so far.… Read More..