Who Makes Onemix Sports Shoes

Onemix shoes have been around in the UK for quite a few years now. Not many people know when, or where they actually came from. They seem to have just arrived on the scene. The question people most want the answer to about these trainers is: Who Makes Onemix Sports Shoes? Find out below. I know that some pairs of Onemix look extremely similar to certain styles made by a very popular global sports brand.… Read More..


Clarks Artisan Janey Mae Beeswax Leather Shoes

Not to be confused with another very popular pair of women’s shoes by Clarks, the Janey June’s, Clarks Artisan Janey Mae (see the Beeswax Brown leather pair pictured below) are a beautifully crafted pair of shoes that look as though they have been made on a Native Indian reservation camp. Their design is something not really seen that often. As a result, they are very highly sought after by those who are aware of them.… Read More..