Adidas Adi Racer Goodyear Low Trainers

Adidas Adi Racer Goodyear Low are an extremely durable pair of trainers that are suitable for many different sporting activitys. The “Goodyear” sole is actually made from Goodyear tyres so it lasts a very long time and provide a really good grip on smooth surfaces. They are really good all rounders. Very versatile. Great as a comfortable pair of trainers for everyday wear, or equally as good at withstanding the test of being pushed to their limits.




The double stitching design on the uppers provides a solid structure that reinforces the trainers making them very tough. Almost like a football style trainer. When putting them on you can actually feel that they are a tough, solid pair of trainers, not soft like various other pairs of Adidas that are basically “For Show” casual shoes. These shoes seem made for hard work. However, Adidas Adi Racer Goodyear Low are still very comfortable.


I used to wear mine for boxing training. And with boxing training there is a lot of fast burst movements, a lot of jumping in and jumping out, and also the quick changing of direction, all of which put a lot of impact pressure on the feet and the structure of the shoe itself. If there are any weak points in the glueing and stitching of the shoes, under the pressure of extreme training they will be found out. Adidas Adi Racer Goodyear Low showed no weakness at all. They held up impressively well.




Although I did have a real pair of high ankle boxing boots (Also Adidas), on some days where I didn’t have my real boxing boots with me for sparring I would wear the Adi Racer Goodyears (Low) and they were superb. They provide surprisingly good foot support. I actually started to prefer to wear them for sparring due to the ankle freedom they provide. They are still going strong and haven’t fell apart even though they are now around 5 years old.

Make no mistake though, they are now battered after 5 years of abuse! I had a white and black pair with red trim, but they are available in many colour ways. The original white and black, and the white and blue are really nice examples (both pictured). Pure black with white trim are also available (Pictured above). Well worth the money. One of the best pairs of trainers for putting in “real work” that I have ever owned.

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