Adidas Dragon Trainers

The Adidas Dragon’s are up there with the Nike Cortez’ as one of the staple pairs of classic trainers from the 70’s – 80’s era. The Dragon’s originally released in the 70’s, have been re-released using almost identical materials to the originals, with suede, nylon, and finished with eco-friendly materials. So if you want to keep them looking at their best for the longest period of time, you might want to have a of can of suede protector spare depending on how much you want to rock them. Which for most people is daily!



They were designed as a running trainer, so other than the vintage factor, comfort is a main plus point when considering purchasing these trainers. Adidas Dragon are equipped with a rubber toe bumper, and an EVA midsole. This combination is pretty standard with a lot of running shoes, to provide a high level of comfort and stability to the wearer.




The price overall is pretty sub standard for all Adidas kicks, retailing at around 65 pound on the official Adidas website, and can be found for a considerable amount less on Amazon, depending on the colour way and the size you’re after. At a first glance the shoe itself doesn’t seem to fit the description of a typical running shoe, instead they look more casual and basic, whilst maintaining a trendy appeal also.




In comparison to the Nike Cortez, I’d have to point out that the nose of the Cortez are almost comically big, whereas the proportion of the logo and features on the Adidas Dragon’s looks tidy and simple. Overall, Adidas Dragon trainers, like many of the re-released Classic Adidas, are done so due to high demand.




The SL 72’s and SL 80’s are probably two of the most famous. In 2016 the Dragon design still holds the nostalgic appeal of retro past-times whilst maintaining their fashionable but simplistic appearance. History aside, they also double up as a comfortable pair of trainers, suitable for running, and basically any other occasion where a relaxed dress code is the norm.

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