Adidas Beckenbauer Trainers

Adidas Original Beckenbauer Trainers are extremely stylish for men of all ages, the colour and design of this model is very “in” right now and can be described as a “retro” style. The stripes clearly show from a distance the make and model of this fab design of Adidas trainer shoe.

These Adidas Original Beckenbauer Trainers are very comfortable and have a nice grip, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor light sports and activities.… Read More..


Adidas Samba Originals Trainers

Adidas Samba are true old school Adidas. If you’re looking for a pair of retro trainers what could be better than a pair of Adidas Samba Originals. Adidas Samba come with a selection of leather or suede uppers. Not only are the leather examples very popular, but also the suede examples are very desirable. Both are very hard-wearing and suitable for most activities from Football to everyday wear.… Read More..


Mens Adidas Hog Boxing Boots

If your someone that’s getting into boxing and are finding that you are sparring on a regular basis you may want to invest in a good pair of boxing boots. You can always just spar in normal trainers and do just fine, however, the extra ankle support offered by a high boot specifically designed for boxing sparring / fighting will give you far better overall leg support and ankle stability.… Read More..


Adidas Boat CC Lace Shoes

Adidas Boat CC were specifically designed with slippery surfaces in mind. These innovative shoes are great for all outdoor activity’s, particularly ones that might involve water. Many people use Adidas Boat CC for running because of their supreme grip and breath-ability. In fact, they are so breathable that they even have holes going through the sole for the ultimate water drainage experience!… Read More..


Adidas Terrex Gore Tex Trainers Boots

I have had the same pair of Adidas Gore Tex trainers for about 6 years. They have been through hell, but yet they are still intact, which is a miracle! They are the most durable, rugged pair of trainers I have ever owned. Adidas Terrex Gore Tex trainers are a bit clunky, the soles are chunky and most pairs feel big on the feet, so there not the best trainers for wearing with casual clothing.… Read More..


Adidas Outdoor CC Lace Water Pumps

These super cool lightweight trainers of one of the best products that Adidas have released in recent years. This is backed up by all the very happy customer reviews. Specifically made for water, you won’t be slipping and sliding around on wet days and wet floors when wearing these trainers. Adidas Outdoor Boat CC are made for the water. The sole is made from Traxion rubber which has a super grip on all wet surfaces.… Read More..


Adidas Power Perfect II Weight Lifting Trainers

Offering super stability and a raised heel, these Adidas Power Perfect II Trainers have been specifically made for weight lifting. The soles are made from a strong Polymer adding more support, balance, and resistance. Power Perfect II are the big brothers of the older version of Adidas weight lifting trainers, the Adidas Ironwork range.

If you weight lift anything near to, or over your own body weight, be it squats, dead lifts, clean and jerk etc, and you do so in normal trainers you will feel the soft soles giving way under the extra weight and as they do so they become more unbalanced and unsteady.… Read More..