Cheap Boxfresh Ackroyd White Summer Trainers

If you’re looking for a nice alternative to Converse or Vans that are really well suited for the summer these cheap Boxfresh Ackroyd are a good choice. They are available in darker colours but the white or grey pairs, being lighter in colour, are well suited for the summer. They are good quality compared to a lot of other Boxfresh, particularly the boots, because most are quite flimsy and have a slim sole.… Read More..


Boxfresh Keel Shoes Sale £15

There are literally a few pairs left. Yes, you read correct. Just £15 for a nice pair of Boxfresh Keel shoes. At this low price these shoes are an excellent bargain. Good quality for the price. This pair actually do look quite expensive. The color combination is Grey and Red. A nice pair of smart trainer / shoes for the warmer weather.… Read More..


Massive Boxfresh Keel Shoes Sale

If your looking for a cheap but stylish pair of shoes with the comfort level of trainers you can’t go far wrong with a pair of Boxfresh Keel that are being sold at the right price. With the changing of the seasons brings many clearance sales with it.
These shoes are a little different in the fact that the uppers are mostly Cord!… Read More..

Boxfresh Khyke 2 Brown Boots Sale

If you have owned more then one pair of Boxfresh shoes you will probably agree, some pairs are slightly overpriced. Make no mistake, Boxfresh generally make good footwear but in some instances when I myself have bought a pair that were on sale I thought to myself, if I would have payed full price for these shoes I would not have been happy with the quality.… Read More..


Brown Boxfresh Aidos Leather Boots

Boxfresh have been working really hard bringing out new ranges and new designs. This not only applys to footwear but also to other lines like clothing and bags. Boxfresh Aidos Boots are one of the many pairs of footwear now available. Stylish but simple, they are made from Leather and are designed with a very high cut boot. It covers the whole ankle easily.… Read More..


BoxFresh Shoes Trainers Review

One brand that has caught my attention over the last year or two is BoxFresh. Where did they come from. At one point they were completely unknown, then they were quickly being sold in all the shops. Would you believe they have been around for about 20 years.




BoxFresh footwear is super stylish and land somewhere between shoes and trainers when it comes to appearance and wear ability.… Read More..

Boxfresh sparko

Mens BoxFresh Sparko Shoes

Most pairs of BoxFresh shoes are very appealing. Unlike other major shoe brands theres not that many pairs on the market that don’t look great. The Sparko range of BoxFresh footwear is no exception, their appearance is like a pair of shoes but once broken in they are as comfortable as a pair of trainers. The soft soles also contribute to this.… Read More..