Brown Caterpillar CAT Roamer Mid Boots

The excellent Roamer Mid in brown. Those who are not really up to date with Caterpillar shoes may not be aware of the huge variation of different styles they offer. When some people think of Caterpillar shoes / boots they automatically refer to the bigger work style boots, like CAT Holton, or Colorado and think that’s where the line ends.… Read More..


Women’s Caterpillar Cat Colorado Leopard Boots

The classic Cat Colorado Boots with a masculine / feminine twist! These women’s Leopard design Cat Colorado’s are certain to get some attention out there in the real world. The leather nubuck uppers have a smooth / furry feel to the touch. They may look like a novelty pair of boots, but they are built with the same Caterpillar toughness and durability that the mens examples are so famous for.… Read More..


Caterpillar CAT Alec Boat Shoes For Very Cheap

All prices are subject to change at any time. If you’re looking for a cheap pair of boat styled casual shoes that are from a great brand that consistently delivers on quality footwear then read no further. It’s not necessary. Go and buy yourself a pair of CAT Alec Boat Shoes for the cheapest price before they are all gone. Well, it’s also a small amount for delivery, but in all you are paying a fraction of the price for a pair of CAT Alec delivered, which is an excellent deal that shouldn’t be missed.… Read More..


Mens CAT Caterpillar Abilene Shoes

What a superb pair of shoes. CAT Shoes are reliable, tough, sturdy, and most pairs look great. Caterpillar Abilene do not disappoint on any level. And from a price point they are also excellent value for money. They have a gum rubber sole and come in various colours. The Black and the Brown pairs have leather uppers that have a suede panel at the heel and on the tongue.… Read More..


CAT Kellan Shoes Discount

A soft but tough Wolverine leather upper, and a bumper car style protective outsole make the CAT Kellan shoes a serious contender if you’re looking for a strong, stylish pair of casual shoes / trainers for everyday wear that won’t break the bank. The truck tyre designed sole is something a little different to most other shoes. It goes high up the sides of the shoe, covering most of the outer sole.… Read More..


CAT Parkdale Casual Shoes

Really nice casual shoes from Caterpillar. They are the type of fit and design that mould to the wearers foot shape nicely, and after a while start to really feel at one on the wearers feet. Similar to a pair of trainers. These shoes remind me of a pair of Boxfresh boots I owned about a year back. The design is a simple one.… Read More..


Cat SANO Brogue Style Casual Shoes Sale £20

Caterpillar shoes are usually expensive, but not today! Cat SANO are a nice casual pair of shoes that feature a relaxed brogue style design. Great for a stylish, mature look. Great for everyday wear. They also have a two lace colour system that actually seems to work quite well. Of course, this can always been changed if it’s not really your thing.… Read More..