Feiyue Martial Arts Tai Chi Wushu Training Shoes

Lightweight, simply styled, and with an excellent grip, Feiyue Wushu Training Shoes are a great fit for many types of martial arts and other forms of exercise. A few of those include Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Taiji and Tai Chi. These training pumps are renowned the world over by those in the know, and are the chosen footwear for many martial artists, including Shaolin Monks!… Read More..


Women’s Rocket Dog Slope Shearling Winter Boots

Rocket Dog Slope mid to high calf boots are an excellent, affordable option for late 2016. No Black Friday deal is needed when it comes to these boots. They are extremely cheap anyway. But, as an extra bonus they have actually been knocked down a little more in price for the sale anyway, making them even cheaper. Their design is very wintry.… Read More..


Cheapest Priced But Quality Rockport Boots

So, what are the cheapest but still a high quality pair of Rockport Boots that you can buy online? That has to be the Rockport Treeline Hike Marangue Boots. These boots generally cost between £40 – £50 in adult sizes and really are made to a high standard. You may be able to find another pair of Rockport cheaper but the Marangue design, which is a lot like the old school XCS / Hydroshield boots is tried and tested and well-known for its toughness and longevity.… Read More..


Buy Mens Hi-Tec Squash Classic Shoes

The Hi-Tec Squash Classic Court are not everyone’s cup of tea, but would it surprise you to find out that they are one of the best-selling pairs of sports trainers of all time. Hi-Tec Squash Classic have sold close to 20 million pairs since they were released!

Of course, back in the day they were originally made for squash, but these days they are worn for everything and anything.… Read More..


New Look Cyber Monday Massive Sale 40% Off

There is a massive sale taking place with lots of items from New Look on Amazon. Jeans, Crop Trousers, Shirts, Jumpers, Jackets, Coats. And of course, Footwear! There are lots of different styles of women’s shoes and boots on sale, and most have an impressive 40% off.

Click here to go to the list of shoes (including clothing) where the 40% off discount applies to all items.
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Amsterdam Shoe Company Shoe Sale List

The Amsterdam Shoe Co. make some really nice shoes. Go to their website and you will see that they aren’t exactly cheap to buy. They are not super expensive but do originally cost from £50 – £80. This makes the small shoe list below very special. And hopefully, when you see the price of each pair of these shoes, you will be able to find a pair that you like in order to take advantage of the massive savings.… Read More..