Womens Red Clarks Funny Story Shoes

Upon first glance, from the side with the eyelets these Funny Story shoes look very similar in shape and style to the Clarks Funny Dream, and in many ways they are a very close match. Same style sole, same hair flick front, and an overall similar shape and stitch detail. But turn the shoe around to its other side and you will see that the eyelets, of which there is one more than what’s on the Funny Dream, making four, are actually not present on the other side.… Read More..


Childrens Toddlers Clarks Juggle Pop Fst Boots

Juggle Pop (for girls) and Juggle It (for the boys). The Juggle Pop Fst are lace up boots but also have a velcro strap for extra support. Check out the new colour combinations. BlueGreen.


Boys Clarks Juggle It


The laces are elasticated and appear to be non-functionable. They are available in colours suitable for boys and girls.… Read More..


Brown Clarks Fincy Limit Brogue Shoes

Clarks Fincy Limit are a good quality brogue style shoe that’s made from leather and thin suede. The price point is great for people looking a nice pair of casual shoes for a very cheap price. This low price for a pair of Clarks shoes is cheap by anyones standards. Sadly, there have now risen in price. Check them out.… Read More..


Clarks Midford GTX Black Leather Gore-Tex Shoes

The best of both worlds. Subtly fashionable and simple, solid, durable, and fully waterproof. A very sensible choice for this time of year. Clarks Midford GTX are a basic style, salt of the Earth type shoe that is suitable for so many social settings, from casual wear to working environments, and everything else in between. This classic style of leather shoe has withstood the test of time and continues to reign supreme in the ever-growing marketplace of new and unusual shoe designs hitting the stores weekly.… Read More..


Clarks Super Glitz Little Girls Velcro Trainers

Clarks deliver yet again, this time offering a nice little pair of fun trainers for infant girls. The Clarks Super Glitz are covered in stars, most are glittered, one is suede, and they also have a sequined design on both sides. They are velcro fastening, with the top strap being hook and loop, so very practical and easy to live with.… Read More..


Men’s Clarks Reeder Step Slip-On Shoes

Another nice pair of Men’s Clarks shoes that are well made, reasonably priced, and easy to live with. Clarks Reeder Step are a great pair of casual slip-on shoes with a relaxed design that features an elasticated strip on each side of the tongue that makes putting on and taking off a very easy task. This also helps with comfort when wearing the shoes as it gives them that extra bit of stretch flexibility that laced shoes, when tied, lack a lot of the time.… Read More..


Yellow Or Coral Clarks Funny Dream For Sale

The great, Clarks Funny Dream shoes. A classic Clarks design that has truly withstood the test of time. Without doubt, one of the most sought after colours of Clarks Funny Dream, other than the black, are the Orange pairs. Sadly, they are very hard to pin down! The leather Orange pairs are always sold out. However, there are alternative colours out there that are still really nice, not as common as all the other colours, and much easier to get hold of.… Read More..