Dr. Marten’s Steel Toe Cap Black Work Boots

Wanted to wear a pair of classic, boot style Dr. Marten’s to work but had safety concerns about the lack of a steel toe? Well, now you’ve got the best of everything with these Dr. Marten’s Icon Holkham St seven eyelet work boots that hide a 200 Joules steel toe cap under their hood. There are quite a few other black work boots made by Dr.… Read More..


Dr. Martens Barnie Grizzly Black or Brown Chukka Boots

When it comes to appearance the Dr. Martens Barnie range really take some beating. They are one of the best looking pairs of mens boots by Dr. Martens in quite a while. We all know that Dr. Martens are, or used to be, well-known for their toughness, durability and style. So how do the Dr. Martens Barnie range, and also Dr.… Read More..


Womens Dr Martens Joylyn Flowers Design Tan Desert Boots

If you want something a bit different to the usual Dr Martens Joylyn boots that will definitely get friends, and even strangers, complimenting them and asking where you got such a design from take a look at the Dr Martens Joylyn Little Flowers Boots pictured below.


Dr Martens Joylyn are beautiful boots. With the colder, wetter weather coming along they are very popular right now.… Read More..


Baby Dr Martens DMS Crib Boots

Baby Dr Martens are out in force this Christmas in more cute little colours then ever before. They are usually sold out very fast on the run up to Christmas due to them being snapped up for Christmas presents for all the moms with newborn babies.


Saying that, there are not many pairs left. These particular Dr Martens are the crib version, meaning they don’t have the big thick sole that normal Dr Martens have.… Read More..


Cheaper Dr Martens Boots And Shoes Are For Sale

A British style staple, Dr Martens have been a firm favourite of subcultures and rebellious people since the 1970’s, renowned for their popularity amongst punks and skinheads. This has led to the brand becoming a symbol of individuality and quality footwear, perfect if you’re looking for shoes that are stylish and long lasting in todays world of throw away fashion. They are available in the famously classic boot style with 8 lace eyelets, you can also get them with 10 and 14 eyelets depending on the length of boot you like, they have the “Dr Martens Airwair” black and yellow tag on the back.… Read More..