Womens Softinos Isla Shoes

From the people who brought you Fly London now come through with another brand of shoes that are sure to have your feet feeling blissfully comfortable in no time. The name is a bit of a giveaway, but Softinos Shoes are considered as one of the “must have” pairs of shoes if you’re looking for a high level of comfort coupled with a nice, low profile casual styling.… Read More..


Mens and Womens Fly London Seve Trainers

Fly London Seve are a low profile, “hip style” pair of trainer-shoes that are available for both men and women. The design is a little different to a lot of similar style shoes of different brands. Fly London Seve have big lace eyelets and have a sole that just stops before it reaches the ankle of each side of the heel.… Read More..


Womens Fly London Seti Rug Leather Boots

Fly London have a great range of diverse footwear, from sandals to boots. Fly London Seti Rug are a Biker style boot. There are a few pairs of Fly London that are fairly similar in appearance. One pair that stands out, but are a little more sturdy and rugged in their design are the Fly London Myso Boots. Myso have a three buckle design rather than the two on the Seti Rug.… Read More..


Womens Fly London Tesk Leather Sandals

Great pair of high quality summer sandals from Fly London. Fly Tesk have a stylish upper design that slightly resembles the gladiator shoes of yesteryear. Fly Tesk Sandals have a soft leather upper and a wedge heel. The heel is just over an Inch and a half in height, and the sole is made from gum rubber.




The colours are beautiful, very rich and vivid.… Read More..


Womens Fly London Tram Sandals

The Fly Tram Slingback sandals are a delightful little pair of sandals to look at. They are quite minimalistic, so great for the summer. And due to how many different colours they are available in there seems to be a colour made for just about everyone. The uppers are made from leather and the sole is gum rubber. The heel height is just over an inch and a half.… Read More..