Women’s ECCO Biom G2 YAK Golf Shoes

The beautiful ECCO Biom G2 Golf shoes for women are so nice to look at. They have to be one of the nicest pairs of women’s golf trainers to come out in quite some time (Also available for men). If this was a competition for being the most attractive, the G2 would win most days of the week. However, in this game looks aren’t everything and a pretty face can only get you so far.… Read More..


Womens Ecco Biom Hydromax Golf Shoes

As always, with Ecco shoes comes Ecco quality. If that time has come where you have become serious about your golf game, then it makes sense to invest in a high quality pair of golf shoes. Because of their price, Ecco Biom golf shoes are not recommended for newcomers who are not sure if golf is going to become a regular pass time.… Read More..


Ashworth Cardiff ADC Golf Shoes For Wider Feet

Ashworth Cardiff ADC not only look very stylish, they also perform well in every department. Ashworth Cardiff ADC are the golf shoe of choice if you’re looking for a something that’s fairly wide fitting, waterproof, and can be worn on and off the golf course. They are very versatile trainers. Ashworth Cardiff ADC look like a nice pair of casual trainers (having a spike-less sole helps).… Read More..


Ecco Brogue Style Smart Golf Shoes

So the trainer style of Golf Shoes has been done by all the major brands, maybe a bit too much. There are so many pairs to choose from. And now it’s back to some elegance with these exceptionally smart and versatile Brogue style golf shoes from Ecco. The only place they would look out of place is on the feet of someone wearing tracksuit bottoms. … Read More..


Unisex Adidas Adicross II Golf Shoes

Unisex Adidas Adicross II are now down in price to £34.99 in selected sizes. Very cheap for what they are. Nice simple design Golf shoes that are made to a high standard. Many colours to choose from. The Uppers are made from a high quality leather and the shoe sports color coded stitching at the front and rear of the shoe.… Read More..

Adidas Puremotion Golf Trainers

Adidas Puremotion are quite new on the scene, so there’s not many reviews that can provide an in-depth, long term look at how they perform and wear over a longer period of time. However, with what reviews there are most are positive. With Puremotion being made by Adidas it’s safe to say that there shouldn’t be any quality related issues as Adidas Golf Trainers are all made from high quality materials.… Read More..

Nike Heritage III Golf Trainers

Fair enough, they are not the most stylish out of all the hundreds of golf shoes out there, but they are practical, hard wearing, waterproof, and also quite professional looking. Nike Heritage are mainly bought by men aged 30 and above. They are quite subtle and plain in appearance compared to other golf shoes. And this is one of the reasons people buy them.… Read More..