Black Trespass Yetti Winter Snow Boots

So many of the big boots made for the cold wintry conditions from all the well know brands easily cost double the price of what these Trespass Yetti cost to buy. Yet the customer reviews of the Yetti winter boots are, in some cases, better than the reviews of some of the snow / winter boots made by other well-known brands costing almost triple the price and beyond.… Read More..


Karrimor Hot Rock Weathertite Waterproof Hiking Boots

Good looking, waterproof, and cheap to buy. No Cyber Monday or Black Friday is needed, they’re cheap enough anyway. Some people dislike them, most love them. For the cheap price the Karrimor Hot Rock Weathertite Boots make a good alternative to the more expensive hiking boots from some of the other brands that people on a tight budget sometimes find it hard to afford.… Read More..


Karrimor Hot Rock Cheap Shoes

If you are looking for comfort, supreme durability, and a shockingly low price tag, Karrimor Hot Rock are the absolute best choice. These are quite possibly the best shoes for hiking, walking, numerous other, more extreme outdoor pursuits, and also everyday wear that you will find anywhere for the price. They look like mini mountain boots. Featuring a fully waterproof upper and a thick, deeply grooved sole to ensure a good grip on even the most rugged of terrains.… Read More..

Karrimor Unisex Traveller

Karrimor Traveller Trainers

Karrimor Traveller are specifically made for walking and everyday wear. First off, they are not waterproof. Second, the soles do not have a big, thick, deeply grooved tread. It’s actually rather smooth compared to some of the other pairs of Karrimor that are more geared towards heavy duty activities and terrain.

So what have Karrimor Traveller got that makes them stand out?… Read More..


Hiking Shoe Replacement Laces

At some point in there life your hiking shoes or work boots might need their laces replacing. These laces offered by TZ Trading (See the selection here) are not only excellent quality but are also available in many different colours, size lengths, and patterns. They are suitable for Hiking shoes and boots, everyday walking footwear, and also work boots.… Read More..

Karrimor Bodmin Low Shoes

Three words, these shoes deliver! Not only do they deliver on the promise to be your go walking shoes. But, for those of us who plan on doing a lot of everyday errands ,walking the dog or going out for a rigorous walk on rough terrain, Karrimor Bodmin have been made with some of the best materials in the shoe industry.… Read More..


Merrell INTERCEPT GTX Hiking Shoes

These Mens Merrell Intercept GTX Hiking Shoes are an exceptional high quality outdoor activity shoe that offers durability, comfort and extreme support around the entire foot, the high ankle area is an added bonus for the GTX model. This Intercept GTX Hiking model looks sleek and stylish at the same time as being practical and very hard wearing. This cool black/brown model is available in UK sizes 7 to 13, ensuring you have the best possible fit ready for your outdoor adventures.… Read More..