Super Cheap Childrens Kickers Plunk Boots

Check out the Bumper style toe cap on the Kickers Plunk! A great feature for protecting adventurous kids feet. And just as good for preserving the boots themselves. Other than the toe cap being the major thing that stands out, these boots are a “Traditional” pair of Kickers in every other way. Very similar to the classic Take a look.


Is it an error with the product listing.… Read More..


Mens Boys Kickers Ferock Derby Leather Shoes

The smart and very versatile Kickers Ferock Derby lace ups are a well-loved and highly rated pair of Leather shoes that are suitable for many different settings. People buy them to wear for work, nights on the town, formal occasions, and even to wear for school.



They are not the cheapest pair of shoes to buy for school purposes (sizing starts at an Adult UK 6.5), but they will definitely be one of the smartest.… Read More..


Womens Kickers Kick Hi Boots Sale

Great pair of leather Kickers boots, one of the most popular pairs of women’s Kickers are the Kickers Kick Hi design. They are popular for so many reasons. Being well made, stylish, and comfortable are just a few of them. Kickers have been around for many years (Decades) and have withstood the test of time. They are well loved. Featured on this website many times.… Read More..


Cheap Childrens Kickers Kick Ghill Leather Boots

A beautiful pair of children’s Kickers Kick Ghill boots that have some nice differences to a lot of the basic Kickers designs for children. Of course, there are Lego Kickers and various other designs, but not for low prices like most sizes of these Kickers Kick Ghill Boots. See the blue pair below.




They are classed as boys shoes but the Tan, cream with red trim pair look suited to both boys and girls.… Read More..


Kids Cheap Kickers Fragile Slip-On Black Leather Shoes

If you’re looking for a quality pair of kids shoes either for back to school or everyday wear you have come to the right place. Kickers are usually quite expensive shoes to buy brand new. With the recession still upon us this can put a lot of people off. However, considering the quality of the shoes they are worth the money.… Read More..


Kids Kickers Wolny Leather Shoes Trainers

A design from Kickers that is a little different to their usual shoe range. These are an old school type design.  A nice relaxed pair of casual leather shoes that are perfect for everyday wear. Kickers Wolny look quite similar to certain pairs of Adidas Stan Smith that feature the same 3 velcro strap design. Kickers Wolny are great quality shoes for the price.… Read More..

Cheap Kickers Shoes Back To School

Excellent quality Kickers, perfect for back to school. They are totally Black, except for the Kickers sign which is located near the ankle heel and comes in the usual Red and Green for each different shoe. They also benefit from a hard wearing sole and a nice thick Velcro strap.


Kickers Leather For School


These particular Kickers have been lowered in price and are available in sizes UK 13 Junior right up to UK Size 5.… Read More..