Loake 1880 Bedale Mahogany Brogue Boots

If you want the true Loake high quality experience you must have fairly deep pockets. Sales do come along, but when you consider the price for these Loake Bedale Brogue Boots is fairly expensive to begin with, even in a sale you will still be paying a considerable amount of money (All prices are subject to change at any time). The price may seem high.… Read More..


Buying Loake Shoes By Mail Order Online

Like most high quality footwear, Loake shoes are available to buy online via mail order. Many outlets that operate on the high street also sell Loake shoes on their websites online. Even the official Loake website is basically a store where you can buy almost any one of their shoe designs. Although from the official site you will be paying full price most of the time, and because they are not cheap potential buyers usually prefer to have a search around in order to try to save some money.… Read More..


Loake Aldwych Capped Oxford Shoes Made In England

The smart but subtle Loake Aldwych Capped Oxford Shoes grace us with their presence, and also their high price tag. You may have seen these shoes cheaper online for sale on various websites like Amazon and Debenhams. What you might not be aware of is that there are some pairs of Loake Oxford doing the rounds that are made in India.… Read More..


Loake Chester Tan Leather Brogue Shoes

Loake Chester are another excellent pair of Brogues from one of the best shoe company s out there. Loake Chester are very smart and will complement any formal or smart attire nicely. Made almost entirely from Leather, the Loake Chester Brogue Shoes are available in 4 different colours. Two brown (Tan and the darker Mahogany), and two shades of black, Black and Black Calf.… Read More..


Loake Edward Brogue Style Shoes

What you’ll find with Loake Edward Brogues is that a big majority of the reviews will have one thing in common. They either rate the shoes the full five stars and give them high praise, or they go one further and say that they are the best shoes they have ever had. High praise indeed, but it is well deserved. And this is not just with the Loake Edward either, it’s the same for any and every pair of Loake shoes.… Read More..