Merrell Chameleon Shift Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

One of the more streamlined pairs of Gore-Tex Merrell. Some pairs are a little big and puffy, but protective!. However, the Chameleon Shift Ventilator are considered a lightweight hiking shoe to be used in cool, wet weather rather than one of the more heavy-duty (puffier) pairs which are made for harsher, colder conditions. I guess it comes down to personal preference and what type of conditions you will be facing as to whether you will need a lightweight pair or a more thicker, insulated model.… Read More..


Merrell Annex Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

Merrell Annex GTX are another pair of tough, earthy hiking shoes built for withstanding hard terrains and stormy conditions. As with most pairs of Merrel Hiking shoes, their overall appearance is a nice mix of rugged, subtle styling, but with a casual, grown up feel that makes them not only suitable for hiking but also great for everyday wear. It’s no wonder Merrell hiking shoes are so popular amongst people aged between 25 – 55.… Read More..


Womens Merrell Natalya Mountain Style Boots

If there was a competition for which boots looked the most sturdy and durable, Merrell Natalya would win hands down. They look like a pair of boots fit for climbing Mountains. A lot of similar boots from different brands that fall within the same price range have 200 grams of internal insulation. That amount of lining is well enough to keep the feet and lower legs nice and warm in most cold weather conditions.… Read More..


Trendy Merrell Freewheel Chukka Boots

Super stylish pair of Merrell Freewheel Chukka Boots. It’s nothing new as Merrell have always produced really nice footwear, but recently their range has expanded dramatically. Other than these Freewheel Chukka Boots, a few pairs that stand out are the Merrell Mountain Kicks, Merrell Race Ace, Merrell Helixer Morph Frost, and for women, the Merrell Decora Sonata Winter Boots. There are some great looking shoes out there by Merrell.… Read More..


Cheapest Pair Of Merrell Yokota Trainers £30

You want a cheap pair of Merrell Trainers? How does £20 – £30 sound. I know what your thinking, that’s for the kids sizes. No, actually with this particular Merrell discount shoe find the bigger foot you’ve got the better. So if you are a mens UK 11, UK 12, even UK 13 Merrell Yokota are just £30 with free delivery!… Read More..


Merrell Intercept Shoes Cheap In The Sale

It’s hard to find a pair of Merrell Intercept shoes being sold any cheaper then around £90. They are certainly worth that kind of money.  They really are great shoes. However, who doesn’t want to save a few quid if it’s possible. This pair is a good little find. They are being sold with a 20% discount. They were £89.99 but are down to £69.99.… Read More..


Merrell Proterra GTX Green Carbon Shoes

Fair enough, they are not true “Glove Like” shoes compared to some of the others like the Vibram Five Fingers. However, these Merrell Proterra fall somewhere in between a thin “sock like” shoe and a normal sporty type casual shoe. In saying that these Merrell Proterra are made more for walking not running so probably should not be compared as a shoe that competes with any of the barefoot ranges because those are specifically made for running.… Read More..