Womens Nike Shox R4 Under £30

Womens Nike Shox R4 Trainers. Great for the gym, running, and everyday wear. They are silver, white, and red in color and are made from synthetic materials and have an enclosed lace system.  Nike Shox provide excellent foot support, particularly at the heel. Available in various bigger sizes for women. Now being sold in the sale at under £30.


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Retro Nike Blazer Blue Suede Boots

Great, high quality pair of retro Nike Blazer. A true blast from the past. Generally inspired from the old skool basketball days but nowadays most people buy them for everyday wear. Still popular today and of course they look excellent if your going for a vintage look.


This pair are the mid version so feature a pretty high cut boot which provides good ankle support.… Read More..


Womens Nike Air Match Sale

These trainers were made as a running shoe, and for that purpose they perform well. However, a lot of women buy them for everyday wear during the summer months due to them being very comfortable to wear, and also quite thinly made material wise. So they make a great trainer to wear in the hot summer months. They go well with most styles of relaxed clothing.… Read More..

Nike Oldham Trainers

When it comes to a suitable and stylish pair of trainers for the warmer months Nike Oldham fit the bill. They are cheap to buy, easy to clean being made from mostly leather, and there very trendy. What more could you ask for. However, there are a few negative aspects to buying a pair of Nike Oldham, especially if you buy a pair for the colder months.… Read More..