Children’s Santiro Flashing LED Velcro Trainers

Usually, when it comes to trainers with glow up soles, the majority are lace ups. You do get some that combine laces with a velcro strap, but not that many pairs that are completely velcro fastening. This pair by Santiro are great. Simple, clean, and effortless to put on or take off, they kind of remind me of a cheap pair of Adidas Stan Smiths.… Read More..


Zombie Style Plush Slippers For Sale

Funny and warm but not very practical, these Zombie Head Plush Slippers by ThinkGeek would make a really nice Christmas or Birthday gift for somebody who’s a big B-Movie zombie / horror fan. Or someone who’s hooked on any of the many zombie TV series and movies hitting our screens over the last few years, like Z nation, The Walking Dead, Fear the walking dead and the film, World War Z with Brad Pitt (Sequel is being released in mid 2017).… Read More..


Yeezy Lookalike Light Up Shoes For Sale

The big majority of light up shoes are made from LED Lookalikes are made from a synthetic wool / cotton / nylon material that makes them very comfortable and extremely breathable. Almost “sock like”, similar to how real Yeezy’s are, but obviously nowhere near the same level of quality or finish. However, they are a fraction of the price.
yeezy-lookalike-light-upsFestivals, clubbing, or anywhere with large crowds, glowing shoes are attention grabbers.… Read More..


Best Heelys Roller Shoes In The UK

There are so many Heelys designs out there (full image gallery, which has every angle of each boot covered. The pictures speak for themselves.




There are 3 designs to choose between from Heelys “Zoo Series” and all three feature an animal. You have the choice of either a Lion, Panda or Zebra. All of them are designed to a very high standard for the cheap price.… Read More..


Glow In The Dark Shoes For Women and Girls

With so many “Shoes with Lights” or “Glow in the dark shoes” for sale in the UK, it can be a bit of a challenge sifting through all the different pairs to find the nicest ones out of the bunch. The good thing is, a lot of these types of shoes, which are primarily manufactured in Asia, have been made to a good standard.… Read More..


Boys Girls Flashing Lights Skate Shoes

Last week we took a look at some of the light up shoes that are available for sale. Read the reviews. A Heely / Skechers Twinkle Toe mix. They’re cheap to buy too. See here for more info. The quality won’t surpass that of the brands mentioned here, but for the money and fun factor they are well worth the purchase price.… Read More..


Light Up LED Trainers For Adults UK

Forget about the extensive list of different designs that are on offer. So what will you use yours for? I think the main activity for donning the LED Shoes would be nights on the town clubbing. They will certainly get people looking in your direction that’s for sure. And if you’re a bit of a dancer these shoes will have some people mesmerised.… Read More..