Big Puma FAAS 300 S Trainer Sale

Puma FAAS 300 S trainers have just been reduced in price in all available adult sizes excluding UK size 9.5 and UK 10.5, which are both slightly more expensive. Puma FAAS 300 S are excellent trainers for track work and clean road running. The Faas 300 S are a little too smooth sole wise for the tougher terrians. Some might not agree.… Read More..


Cheapest Womens Puma Soleil Cat Sports Shoes

Puma Soleil Cat make a nice pair of affordable sports shoes for women. They are ideal for light sporting activities like aerobics. They have a very thin sole and have built-in Eco-ortholite technology. Being made by Puma they are well constructed and feature the big Puma Cat logo and some pretty stitch designing. For the price they are an excellent buy.… Read More..


Kids Puma S Evolution Velcro Trainers

Great pair of kids Puma S Evolution trainers that are listed as unisex because a dedicated pair for both boys and girls are available. We have the blue pair (Monaco Blue) with grey for the boys (pictured) , and the pink (Paradise Pink) with yellow for the girls. They are velcro fastening so they are easy for kids to live with, with no laces coming undone to worry about.… Read More..


Cheapest Puma Evo Ducati White High-Top Boots

A really well made and durable pair of Puma Ducati boots being sold in the sale at just £25. What an absolute bargain. These boots are big (Hi-Tops) and fairly heavy, so it’s even more of a bargain to find out that these Puma boots also come with free UK delivery. Limited sizes are available. Sizes UK 8 and 9 are definitely still for sale at the time of writing this post.… Read More..


Cheap Khaki Puma Suede Classic Trainers With Gum Sole

Puma Suede Classic are available in many many colours, but not many combinations look as expensive, rustic, nicely colour coded, and perfectly suited for casual wear like this Khaki suede pair with a full gum sole. This pair look much more expensive then what they really are to buy.

In most sizes this pair of Puma Suede are just £30. They sport full sole to upper stitching all the way round the shoe, ensuring a long lasting, durable pair of trainers. … Read More..


Cheap Puma Suede Lite Trainers

£25 Puma Suede Lite Trainers. There are some really great trainer deals around at the moment. For £20 – £30 you can get a nice pair of branded trainers. These low prices certainly put a lot of the non branded trainer company s under pressure. A lot of the non branded adult sized trainers cost around £15 -£20. So you can see that a person who usually wears no name trainers to save some money can literally put an extra £5 or £10 and buy a pair of Puma, Nike or Adidas that are being sold in the sale.… Read More..