Puma Roma Retro Blue Nylon Trainers

Available in selected sizes and a little bit special compared to the others, these Puma Roma are quite hard to find in this colour combination. Puma Roma have been around for many years. So many years in fact that they are probably older then most of the people buying them.

Puma-Roma-Nylon-Blue-TrainersThese days Puma Roma are no different from back in the day.… Read More..


Womens Puma Canvas Trainers

These Puma canvas trainers are definitely a step above most other canvas shoes in and around the same price range. For around the same price as these Puma canvas trainers most of the other choices of canvas shoes are basically unbranded. Some are made to a high standard for the price, but none are really of the same high quality as the top branded pairs of canvas shoes like these Puma.… Read More..


Puma Cabana Old Skool Trainers

There are many different colour combinations of Puma Cabana out there but this rustic Orange and Brown pair really do capture that Old Skool look better then the rest. Puma Cabana’s closest relation in terms of looking the same is the Puma Lab range, but Puma Lab are made using a Suede and Textile mix for the uppers, where as Cabana use the true Old Skool mix of Suede with Classic Nylon.… Read More..


Puma Suede Classic+ Brown Trainers

The title of these Puma Suede Trainers say it all. These are classics! These trainers are described as “classics” because of the 1978 design they have going on, vintage is back in right now.  So do not miss out on a modern twist of a classic style. These Puma Suede Classic Trainers are extremely popular as they also come in a huge selection of fun and unique colour combinations.… Read More..


Puma Speed Cat Trainers

Puma is my favourite sports brand when it comes to trainers. All the pairs of Puma I have bought over the years have been great and very long lasting. Puma Speed Cat are really nice trainers that are extremely comfortable, but one thing I have noticed over other Puma trainers is Puma Speed Cat are not as long lasting as other Puma Trainers.… Read More..

Puma Vulc Kids

Puma Mid Vulc V Kids Hi Top Trainers

Checkout these super cool Puma Vulc trainers. Puma Mid Vulc have been available in adult sizes for quite some time but have now been made available for kids due to the fact that they are so popular with adults. Made with special elasticated laces and a Velcro strap, they are designed with simplicity in mind. Making them easy for kids to slip on and off with minimal fuss.… Read More..