Womens Pink Leather Reebok Classics

Reebok Classics were, and still are to a much lesser extent these days, one of the corner stones of the Reebok empire. Instantly recognisable and highly revered by an almost cult following, Reebok Classic are one of those pairs of trainers that makes first time buyers lifetime wearers.


Sure, people buy other brands of trainers and shoes over the years but they keep going back to the Classics.… Read More..


Shaq Attaq Reebok Pump M40173 Boots

Limited Edition “Shaq Attaq” Reebok Pump are, of course dedicated to Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. They are a super padded pair of Reebok Pump which offer superb ankle support. Excellent for doing what they were supposedly made for, which is play Basketball in! Other than for Basketball they are a great trainer for just wearing out and about. They have “SHAQ” written at the back with a picture of him dunking a basketball (See picture below).… Read More..


90s Old School Reebok Pump Omni Zone Black V60498

If you’re looking for a true old school Reebok Pump colour way look no further than these Reebok Pump Omni Zone (V60498). The retro colour way is so 90’s. It’s as if these boots, with their mix of black, turquoise blue, and pinkish purple really are originals from the 1990’s. Sadly, they are not straight out the 90’s. But they are the next best thing.… Read More..


Lime Green Suede Reebok Classics Trainers

Can you get anymore true “Lime” in colour than what these Lime Green Suede Reebok Classics Nylon Slim Pop are.. The uppers are a mix of suede and fabric (Nylon). This lime colour (Exact colour is called Vert) has become popular within the UK amongst young women and seems to be worn with white jeans quite a lot. It’s a good combination as the two colours look fresh and go well together.… Read More..


Original Reebok Classic Leather Trainers In Black

These trainers remind some people who happen to be old enough to remember them in their (the trainers) heyday of one era. And that’s the 1990’s. Reebok Classics (all clolours) were so popular at that time. And for good reason. They have a very simple design, are very comfortable, and last a long time. Although nowadays they are not as popular as they were in the 90’s they are still sought after by the old skoolers and newbies alike.… Read More..


Retro Red Reebok Classic Rayen M42726 Trainers

Doing the rounds on the bargain table this week are the Reebok Classic Rayen M42726 Trainers. In Cherry Red! They have an air of low profile retro-ness about them that kind of sets them apart from the other cheap Reebok Classics currently on sale, such as the white Reebok Badge (V60243) (Very cheap), and the blue Classic Jogger (V55493) trainers .… Read More..