Reebok Reverse Jam Boots

A true pair of old skool Reebok Reverse Jam basketball boots which use the Hexalite support technology that was so popular all those years ago. This particular pair are bright yellow with a pink trim which certainly makes them stand out from the crowd. They scream of early nineties and look very retro these days with a pair of shorts.


Reebok Reverse Jam shot to fame in 1992 because of the film – White Men Can’t Jump, where they used for promotional purposes.… Read More..


Womens Reebok Easytone Reenew

Reebok Easytone are a great addition to the Reebok footwear range. They have been made for Women who want a really comfortable pair of trainers for running, walking, and general every day wear. The main feature that sets Reebok Easytone apart from many other pairs of trainers, including many other pairs of Reebok, is their soles. Reebok Easytone have a specialised sole which has air pockets built-in, making these trainers feel very cushioned when worn.… Read More..