Skechers Sorino Duarte Relaxed Fit Shoes

You’ve got to love the Skechers Sorino Duarte. They are a mix of old and new styling that, in some colours, particularly the blue, would look right at home in 1970’s San Francisco. Perhaps its just the striped side panelling, or just the overall styling. They just have that cool old school, very low profile appearance. And it’s great!




Most of the other colour ways look more casually modern and a little more subtle.… Read More..


Skechers Grand Jams Unlimited Boots

There are so many winter boots from many different brands to choose from. Do you go all out and buy the more expensive pairs like the Timberland or Merrell boots. Or do you spend half the money and buy a pair within the lower price bracket, like these Skechers Grand Jams Unlimited. The choice is yours, and it really depends on how much you want to spend and what conditions you will generally be using the boots for.… Read More..


Skechers Keepsake Brrr Boots

The Keepsake Brrr boots are another women’s boot made by Skechers that offer great value for money. They have a very nice three button design at the top which is not just for show, it is fully functional. Like a lot of women’s boots that Skechers have brought out in recent years, the uppers are made from Suede. They have a soft faux fur lining on the higher part of the boot which covers the lower leg, but this then changes to a fleece as it goes further down, so the feet are nicely insulated and kept warm by fleece.… Read More..

Girls Skechers Highlander

Girls Skechers Highlander Safari Glitz Boots

Skechers Highlander Safari boots will make a lot of smiles this Christmas. They are great boots that are expected to be hot sellers this Xmas. Not only because they look very pretty, but because they are also well suited for the winter. Skechers Highlander have a nice thick rubber sole. The tongue is actually sewn into the upper until it gets about 3 quarters of the way up to ensure extra protection from the cold weather.… Read More..


Skechers GO Walk 2 Summer Slip-On Trainers

So you’ve seen the ads and heard good things about Skechers GO Walk 2 trainers, but are they really any good. Well, for what they were made to be, yes they are. They are especially good when compared to many alternative summer trainers within the same price range. Skechers GO Walk 2 have many more features that make them more suited for summer then a lot of their competitors.… Read More..