Brown Caterpillar CAT Roamer Mid Boots

The excellent Roamer Mid in brown. Those who are not really up to date with Caterpillar shoes may not be aware of the huge variation of different styles they offer. When some people think of Caterpillar shoes / boots they automatically refer to the bigger work style boots, like CAT Holton, or Colorado and think that’s where the line ends. But CAT have so many casual / everyday wear shoe designs out there for sale that they are almost up there with Clarks in that regard.




If you’re looking for a nice casual shoe or low boot for everyday wear, two styles which really stand out are the CAT Roamer Mid and the Abilene. Or, if you want a larger, higher boot that still has casual appeal, the Caterpillar Transform are well worth a look. This is just three pairs. There are actually too many nice pairs to mention here. Emerge, Stout and Doubleday to name but a few more.

Caterpillar CAT Roamer Mid sit nicely in between the other recommendations. They are such a nice looking pair of boots that just have that Chukka style Autumn appearance. Especially in brown. The upper is made from a really thin smooth suede leather. Roamer Mid have quite a low profile sole. However, the lugs are fairly deep and chunky, so do offer a good level of grip.

Comfort and good ankle support are increased by the addition of a separate inner layer that also makes up the higher part of the back ankle / heel. See picture. Great pair of shoes that go really well with casual clothing. Available in three colours: Light brown, slightly darker brown and Black.

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