Mens CAT Caterpillar Abilene Shoes

What a superb pair of shoes. CAT Shoes are reliable, tough, sturdy, and most pairs look great. Caterpillar Abilene do not disappoint on any level. And from a price point they are also excellent value for money. They have a gum rubber sole and come in various colours. The Black and the Brown pairs have leather uppers that have a suede panel at the heel and on the tongue. But the Tobacco colour way have an all suede upper except for a small leather trim on the ankle and tongue. Perfect shoes for casual, everyday wear.




Cat Abilene offer excellent all round foot support and comfort. But, take one look at these shoes and it’s the front foot support is the most evident due to the high sole design. The sole starts out very thick and pronounced at the front and gets thinner at the heel. The total opposite compared to most other shoes. But it looks great. Durability is always good with Caterpillar shoes but with Abilene it’s potentially even better. They are made using a Strobel construction which means superior inner stitching and a shoe that can withstand the some serious abuse and still remain intact.




A lot of shoes have the uppers stitched to the outer sole, and this is a design that has been proven to be very effective when it comes to durability. In most cases that alone is enough for a pair of shoes to have good longevity. However, the Strobel construction, which the Abilene has, see’s the insoles stitched to the upper. Couple that with the fact that CAT Abilene also have the upper stitched to the outsole as well and you have one very tough pair of shoes.



The uppers are mostly double stitched in potentially vulnerable areas too, so these shoes will last a long time. They are available in sizes from UK 6 – UK 12. Great shoes. Not sure why some sellers are listing them as Chukka Boots though, as they don’t really fall into that category. They aren’t even a boot fit. Maybe the sellers are just trying to cover popular search terms in order to get found more by customers.

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