Women’s Caterpillar Cat Colorado Leopard Boots

The classic Cat Colorado Boots with a masculine / feminine twist! These women’s Leopard design Cat Colorado’s are certain to get some attention out there in the real world. The leather nubuck uppers have a smooth / furry feel to the touch. They may look like a novelty pair of boots, but they are built with the same Caterpillar toughness and durability that the mens examples are so famous for. They have big chunky soles, thick padded ankle collars, and solid toe cap. Great stylish boots.




However, with Cat Colorado in general, there is some confusion about the toe cap. Some people buy these boots and presume they have a steel toe cap, when in reality they don’t. So people who bought them expecting to get the steel toe cap end up rather disappointed. The toe cap is solid on the Colorado and can withstand and protect the foot from a mini impact. But it’s not steel. Basic rule of thumb, if it doesn’t say steel toe cap on the boots, the listing, or anywhere else, they are most probably not packing any steel.


So if you work in a construction or warehouse environment don’t buy these boots and expect full toe protection. They were not made for that. Cat Colorado are more of a tough and sturdy boot for casual wear. If you’re looking for CAT boots that are fit for work purposes check out the Caterpillar Holton or CAT Supremacy Safety Rigger Boots.

If buying the women’s leopard Colorado be aware that they come big in size, as do most of the other models of mens and women’s Caterpillar boots. They are available in colours (Pictured above) Houndawg with Black, and Peat. Sizing starts at a UK size 3 and goes up to a UK 8.  Price varys depending on size and colour required. Great boots! Would make a nice gift for the right person.


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