Cheapest Priced But Quality Rockport Boots

So, what are the cheapest but still a high quality pair of Rockport Boots that you can buy online? That has to be the Rockport Treeline Hike Marangue Boots. These boots generally cost between £40 – £50 in adult sizes and really are made to a high standard. You may be able to find another pair of Rockport cheaper but the Marangue design, which is a lot like the old school XCS / Hydroshield boots is tried and tested and well-known for its toughness and longevity.




The Hike Marangue have full leather uppers, rubber sole and are also part of the XCS range. XCS stands for Extreme Conditions System and basically means they are equipped to handle tough outdoor weather and adventure. For the price they are great shoes. They are available in a very dark brown (Bitter Chocolate), which looks more like black in the pictures. Sizes start from a UK 7 and go up to a UK 11. Superb shoe for casual everyday wear. And great reviews also.




One thing you can always say about Rockport boots is that they are very hard-wearing and last a long time. This was the case even back in the day (early 1990’s) when the Rockport XCS boots were all the rage. At that time they were fairly new on the scene and considered as the trendiest shoes to own. However, at that time they were quite expensive to buy. Or maybe just expensive to me at that time being a young lad that wasn’t old enough to work. Rockport are funny shoes. Back when they first became popular, and even still today to a smaller extent, some social circles label them as “Chav wear”.




This mainly applies to the old school XCS style (very similar to these) and it is largely due to a small majority of people wearing them with the one thing that you shouldn’t wear them with if you don’t want to be labeled as a chav. And that is track suit bottoms! The chav label is more of a stereo type these days. Rockport have come such a long way over the past decade and now have so many different styles of shoes that its great to see that they have Rockport designs that cater for people from all social circles and all walks of life.




Brogues, work boots, ankle boots, dress shoes and normal shoes. Not just for men, but also for women and children too. The brogues are really nice. Of course, they are not on the Rockport Edge Way Moc MID K72645 (Limited sizes).

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