Brown Clarks Fincy Limit Brogue Shoes

Clarks Fincy Limit are a good quality brogue style shoe that’s made from leather and thin suede. The price point is great for people looking a nice pair of casual shoes for a very cheap price. This low price for a pair of Clarks shoes is cheap by anyones standards. Sadly, there have now risen in price. Check them out. The finish of these shoes give them a slightly “worn” look. The darker brown colour way is mostly one colour, where as the lighter brown (Braun / Tobacco) are a little darker at the front where the leather is smoother, and lighter everywhere else. Check size availability.




Some people like different contrasts on a shoe, but is This can also be a good thing in terms of wear. Due to the toe cap already being darker than the rest of the shoe, it remains that way as the shoe ages and won’t look worn out as quickly. Some people like that slighty worn, vintage styling. If that fits well with you then this is a great deal.




The darker brown examples only have a few pairs left at twenty pounds. The lighter brown pair (Pictured above) are available in close to all adult sizes (UK 7 – UK 11) and all sizes are the same price. An excellent deal for a smart pair of Clarks shoes that are well suited for casual everyday wear. Great shoes for the price.


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