Clarks Midford GTX Black Leather Gore-Tex Shoes

The best of both worlds. Subtly fashionable and simple, solid, durable, and fully waterproof. A very sensible choice for this time of year. Clarks Midford GTX are a basic style, salt of the Earth type shoe that is suitable for so many social settings, from casual wear to working environments, and everything else in between. This classic style of leather shoe has withstood the test of time and continues to reign supreme in the ever-growing marketplace of new and unusual shoe designs hitting the stores weekly.




I call this shoe style the Rasta Jans. Some people will probably know why. They are great shoes. And some people actually pick these as an alternative to the more expensive Dr Martens 1461’s, which in recent years have seen their fair share of complaints flooding in regarding the severe drop in quality. Most notably the cracking, disfigured leather at the bridge of the shoe.


Clarks Midford GTX-Waterproof-Shoes


By most accounts Clarks Midford GTX are really well made. They do not have one review that I have found that challenges their ability to keep feet completely dry. There are so many shoes out there from many different brands that claim to be fully waterproof. But, from reading the customer reviews we find out that some people are saying they do let in the water.

So finding a true pair of waterproof shoes like this is nice. These shoes are available in sizes UK 6 – UK 11. Gore-Tex Rasta Jans for a fair price, you can’t go wrong. Great bargain. Don’t miss out.

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