Cheapest Converse Silo Grey Canvas Trainers

Step away from the ever so popular, worn by millions Converse Oxford’s and Converse All Stars, and there are some excellent pairs of Converse. At first glance, a lot of the “different” looking Converse appear nothing like your average pair of Converse. But they are basically made the same in terms of materials and durability.  Some, like this pair of Converse Silo Mid Low-Tops are great value for the money.




They have a grey canvas upper and have quite a wide “skater style” appearance. They are a boot style trainer and feature a nice level of ankle support. They are a trendy pair of casual boots that are perfect for everyday wear. Converse Silo are on sale here in selected sizes for just £21 – £23. This price makes them a cheap “test purchase” for someone who usually wears the more common Converse and wants to give the other, less common styles a try. Or equally great for someone looking for a cheap pair of quality Converse trainers.


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