Converse Chuck Taylor City Hiker Hi Boots

If you want a pair of Converse that can weather the storm and require no treating with waterproof sprays, or other protective concoctions, Converse Chuck Taylor City Hiker are up for the job. City Hiker are a more “tougher” pair of Converse that have been made to still look like a classic pair of stylish Converse All Star Hi, but are a bit more rugged and durable than many of the other examples that look similar. They are available in some nice colours. Black, Admiral, (Battleship Grey), and the newest addition, the rustic brown pairs (Timber).


I think we can safely say that in this day and age, most of the neutral coloured pairs of Converse, including most of the blues, and of course white, are unisex. City Hiker are considered as the Converse to buy for this time of year, and they are bought by many people who know about them. Great for the colder, wetter months in more ways than one. Not only are they geared more towards harsher conditions with their tougher outer appearance, they are also super warm too.


Many Converse don’t really have a thick inside lining like the City Hikers. The Chuck Taylor City Hiker have a Shearling lining (sheepskin), which is used in other items of clothing such as jackets to keep the wearer nice and warm. Your feet will be super warm wearing these boots and you will notice the difference. Specially if you are a Converse wearer who usually wears the unlined examples.


Converse City Hiker are praised by many wearers as one of the warmest pairs of Converse on the market. Great value for money. The uppers are leather and the stitching is nicely done. They are triple stitched at the heel, and doubled up everywhere else. The Jagged style rubber sole is thick and capable of handling tough terrain. Due to their thick lining Converse Chuck Taylor City Hiker may feel a little smaller in size. A full size bigger is recommended. They are available in most adult sizes, starting from a UK 4 and going up to a UK 11.5.


If you want a similar pair of Converse but you want a pair with the Converse logo on the side rather than the badge try the Converse SP Winter Hi Boots. However, Converse SP only have a Shearling ankle trim, they are not fully lined, which some people may prefer. They also do not have the jagged sole with the deeper grip, but they do have a nice Converse logo on the back heel. A nice pair of alternative boots if the City Hikers have all been snapped up.

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