Ecco Biom Waterproof Golf Shoes

The new colors of the Ecco golf street collection for 2013 are some of the best combinations we have seen so far from Ecco. Including the sharp, stylish green and white pair pictured below. The bottom grips are green and the upper sports a sleek and smart white design. Keeping true to the brand, they add a color punch with the rounded green shoe laces, and they calm it all down with a nice touch of gray. All the colour combinations look great. Very smart. And waterproof! Customer reviews are excellent. Click the picture below to find out more.




The traction bars on the bottom of all pairs of the new Ecco Biom match the colour coding of the shoes. The triangle shaped traction bars as you may know deal with the three principals in geometry and also happen to be an appealing feature to the eye. The tongue also has a grey tip to balance the gray design of the shoe. Which is present on all new pairs of Ecco Biom.




They look like regular tennis shoes, but they are all Poly-Urethane. That’s more than enough stability and traction support through out the life of the shoe. To go even further,  Ecco took the time to blend all the materials together to make a solid product. Not like regular Trainers where they sew patches of material together. It’s their trademark. They also don’t glue down the shoe to the sole, they fuse them together. Their spokes woman, Pam Rossman said, “They do something like fused construction where they blend upper and lower to each other forming a solid piece”. Very light weight for air flow, and all of the Ecco Biom shoe inner soles are interchangeable with other product brands such as Dr. Scholls.




Ecco Biom Golf Shoes are in the top tier, not only for being a great looking golf shoe, but also for having the best leather. The Ecco Biom Hybrid shoe uses Yak Leather. Car giant BMW uses their leather. These are the only shoes that can make that claim. That’s three times stronger than other leathers and treated with Hydromax, for protection against the weather. The leather allows for easy air and moisture escape.

The insole is also a 3D unit for cushioning the feet while at play.  The structure of the Ecco Biom shoes arch support is an exact replica of the human insole. For simple and important things like structure and comfort. There are 8 traction angles for every 100 molded traction bars in each Ecco Biom golf shoe. Which if your an avid golfer you’ll know this means that It has a super grip for all surfaces.

Ecco Biom also uses TPU – a highly durable, wear resistant material – This is what they use to make their traction bars. Thermoplastic Polyurethane to be exact. Ecco Biom are one of the best and most stylish pairs of waterproof golf shoes currently available to buy online and in selected retail outlets. They also come with a 1 Year Guaranteed Waterproof Warranty for peace of mind.

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